API Partner Workshop Melbourne

This afternoon at Xerocon in Melbourne we delved into the Xero API, partner programs, and key points you need to know to succeed. We didn’t think Melbourne could top February’s numbers in Auckland, and were truly humbled to be talking to a capacity room of over 100. It backs up what we’ve been seeing since Xerocon New Zealand – use of the API and related partner programs is ramping up significantly, and Australia is leading the charge.

We wanted to cover a range of topics and the day started with Xero Australia Managing Director Chris Ridd setting the scene with an update on progress in the the Australian market.

General Manager of Payroll for Xero, Stuart McLeod, MC’d the afternoon. His experience of running Paycycle, Xero’s most successful Add-on prior to its purchase and integration by Xero, and mentoring at the ANZ Innovyz program, really gave a sense of what can be achieved.

Xero product manager Andrew Tokeley (Tokes to everyone, including his gran) outlined the Xero roadmap, and then API product manager Tony Rule extended that into what is coming next in the API. Our best practice guides on connecting your application to the API from a user perspective was really useful content for developers.

If you want the detail of what Tokes and Tony announced? Follow @XeroAPI and we’ll tweet next week when post our slide summaries up in the Developer Center.

Our Add-on partner program has continued to accelerate and we’re pleased to announce we have well in excess of 100 Add-on partners. We also discussed some of the values and objectives of the Add-on partner and Xero Developer partner programs.

Technology entrepreneur Dot Johnstone picked things up after the break and took us on the journey of building a successful software company. Even those who already have established companies put up their hands to admit they didn’t have a lot of expertise in their software pricing models.

To cap it off: Vaughan Rowsell from Vend talked about building a startup from scratch; Guy Pearson from Interactive Accounting and Practice Ignition had dual perspectives as both an accountant and Add-on partner; Richard Breden from enableHR has experience as both an established SaaS company and recent Add-on partner; and Dot provided the wider lens as a veteran of the software industry.

The best piece of advice came from Vaughan: don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

The final word was left to Xero CEO Rod Drury. He reinforced our commitment to bringing Add-on partners together with Xero accounting and bookkeeper partners together for maximum effect.

If you enjoyed the session or if you didn’t get here but want to learn more about our partner programs, check us out!

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