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StarShip – making fulfillment more fulfilling

StarShip web based fulfillment

So what is StarShip?

StarShip is a web based fulfillment application that lets you automatically look up shipping addresses, print courier labels and track the progress of your shipments from your browser or via email alerts.

Who is it for?

If you are spending time shipping goods, looking up customer addresses and organizing couriers, StarShip may well save you time by making your processes more efficient.

How StarShip works with Xero

StarShip retrieves sales invoices from Xero and lets you generate shipping labels for them instantly, so you don’t need to re-enter information such as addresses and order numbers.

Where you can use StarShip

StarShip is currently available for New Zealand only and can be used with CourierPost, New Zealand Post and DHL carrier services. If you are based outside of New Zealand but need a service like StarShip, leave a comment for the team below – they are looking at new markets soon.

Check it out

StarShip has a free 45 day trial. Find out more here.


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Steph Hinds
19 June 2012 #

Would love to see this in Australia!

Alex Webster
19 June 2012 #

Thanks Steph, Australia is top of the list and we already have integrations in the pipeline. We’d love to hear from you (and others) which carriers you are using.

Nick Dalton
19 June 2012 #

Looks like a great initiative – well done

20 June 2012 #

Wow, that’s amazing software.

Yu Mi
21 June 2012 #

Hi Steph,
We’re in Australia and we use – I’d recommend giving a try.

As far as I can tell from the above video it’s pretty much the same thing (except Temando is free). A lot of the big ecommerce players in Oz are already using it: sass & bide, ksubi, myer (I think) … yada yada yada

Alex Webster
21 June 2012 #

Thanks Yu Mi,

Temando looks comparable in some respects, except, notably, that it does not appear to integrate with Xero.

Temando is also a ‘virtual courier’ which makes money by marking-up carriage charges. whereas, with StarShip you negotiate your own rates with your preferred carrier(s) to suit your particular business needs

Needless to say, nothing is really ever free! …except, of course, our 45-day free trial, which will allow you to experience for your the exceptional speed and power of StarShip – and make an informed choice.

Gillian Rossouw
24 June 2012 #

Another fantastic Add On Solution wowing Xero users – love to see this happening in Australia. Will this be made available to Australia in the near future?

David Reid
18 February 2013 #

Any developments on an Australian version?

George Plummer
22 February 2013 #

Here is an updated link to our site,

David, yes, we have started shipping integration with Australia couriers, let us know who you are a with.

Becs Persia
7 November 2013 #

Hi There

We’re using Xero, Magento and DHL for our international delivery and Australian Post for our domestic can StarShipIT connect with Xero with UPS as well as Australian Post and DHL?

Alex Webster
7 November 2013 #

Hi Becs,
Xero, Magento and DHL integration work right out of the box. All other integrations are either in the pipeline or can be configured to your specification. Please visit or else email and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Tony Powell
10 November 2013 #

We use Aus Post E-Parcel, we would love to have it integrated with starship

13 November 2013 #

Hi Tony, good news, eParcel is now supported and other domestic Australian couriers are not far away so please contact me via our website and I can talk through it with you.


Karl Moore
14 March 2014 #

We’ve started using StarShipIt with DHL and Australian post and it has saved us so much time I highly recommend it to everyone!

It only took a short time to get it up and running and is saving us hours every day.

Thanks to the StarShipIt team they do such a great job!

Tony Powell
16 March 2014 #

Hi, I have signed up to Starship but I can’t find out how to integrate it with Aus Post E-Parcel. I was hoping that Starship would push the Postal info to my E-Parcel account?

Allison Hamaker
6 December 2014 #

We need this in California pronto! I have manufacturing clients that use an integrated shipping label system with QuickBooks, and their last hurdle to switch to Xero is the need for your software. Please come soon!

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