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Tina Kaye, thriving bookkeeper

Tina Kaye, Managing Director of Abacus Business Solutions, is a great example of the trend we’re seeing in Australia with more and more bookkeepers moving to Xero.

Xero has helped Tina’s team automate more business processes and tasks, and as a result take on and manage more clients. Since becoming a Xero Partner over 18 months ago, Tina’s practice has grown from three staff to ten.

Offering higher value services using live client data, Tina’s revenue is also on the up. Tina offers services such as monthly management meetings where she talks clients through their accounts and gives up-to-date advice. You can see how she moved into these higher-value services in this video:

Have you used Xero to grow your bookkeeping practice?


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Gayle Buchanan
21 May 2012 #

OK I’ll do it – Gooooo the Bookkeepers

Darren McMahon
21 May 2012 #

I echo everything Tina said. I have found the same thing although I only started 2 and a bit years ago. I know my business wouldn’t be the same without Xero.

Marisa Punshon
21 May 2012 #

I agree, my bookkeeping business would not be where it is now if it wasn’t for Xero. It’s the only accounting software I use.

Lisa Martin
21 May 2012 #

Well I know I am looking after 28 more clients than I used to on Xero as well as my daily site visits so yes I am doing more! – Thanks Xero!

Julie Aquilina
22 May 2012 #

Xero is fast, its live data and the management reports and in fact all the reporting is fantastic! And the Xero support team are awesome too :)

Jennifer O’Neill
22 May 2012 #

Xero is amazing! Fast, reliable, and accessible, my business is growing in such a positive direction since starting with Xero. I love the ability to add value through enhanced reporting. Xero is taking bookkeeping to new levels.

Trish Reeve
22 May 2012 #

Xero has made my role in the First Class Accounts franchise easy to work, low stress, cheap, easy to understand, great for support, and so easy to convert my clients to work with. My financial adviser loves that I can provide him with detailed reports of his favorite clients, how he wants, how often he wants and whenever he wants. It’s a great way to connect accountants, bookkeeper, financial adviser and business owner with the same data at the same time with no lag.

Wayne Schmidt
23 May 2012 #

Congratulations to Tina, who now also has become the second Gold Xero Bookkeeper partner globally.

Tina Kaye
23 May 2012 #

Thanks Wayne! We are excited to reach this milestone… If you are still thinking about learning more about Xero I encourage you to take the plunge ;)

23 May 2012 #

Thank you, The way I see it the software is only as good as the people that use it, no matter what software you use if you don’t know the rules regarding gst and tax then it will still come out wrong. While Xero is a great product for electronic access and ease of use I find the payroll vey limited as it is at the moment.

Tina Stevens
23 May 2012 #

Congratulations on Making Gold today. I am still getting my head around everything your taught me in Sydney for my certification.
Well done

Richard Francis
23 May 2012 #

Neat story Tina – well done. There’s some cool book-keepers in the Xero space adding real value.

Jan Clogg
24 May 2012 #

Congratulations Tina and your team at Abacus. Making gold status is a really great milestone,,, you are spreading the Xero story. Xero is such a great product and you have given all the Xero Bookkeepers something to aspire to – well done! Hope to catch up at Xerocon.

25 May 2012 #

Hi Aprbookkeeping, I guess you guys are Australian based business? Then why don’t you try out such a great payroll could system called ‘Paycycle’, which talks perfectly with Xero and on top of that, you should have been realised Paycycle is now under and integrated to Xero shortly? You pay no fee for use of Paycycle – it comes along with your Xero subscription fee.

My apologies if you are talking about Paycyle as very limited payroll system, but if so, could you advise us what system you use?
I am very interested in.

28 May 2012 #

Paycycle appears to be a good package to integrate with Xero, I do find some integration packages open to error. I tend to stick to packages that are fully integrated to ensure that the general ledger is correct. Xero I found had the benefits of multiple currency, online access and ease of use.

Congratulations Tina on your gold status! Fantastic stuff.

rob wise
7 February 2013 #

Hey Wayne you are looking for a Senior Account Manager – I recruit Accounting staff and Sales people – wondered if you needed assistance

Rob Wise
0413 1999 48

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