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Fill the gaps in the Xero ecosystem

Over the last year, the Xero Add-on Partner program has more than doubled to over 90 certified solutions now integrating directly with Xero. They’re from all over the world, and range from startups to large corporations.

We’ve essentially reached a point where most of the big-picture stuff is taken care of with regional representation across a range of categories.

But the ecosystem is far from complete. We have loads of small business customers who still don’t have an integration between Xero and the key application they use or need to run their business.

It seems like many of the old guard have not yet woken up to the fast pace of change that now dictates the software industry. But their customers have. The result is there are gaps in niche areas, such as:

  • Childcare: childcare management systems
  • Education: student management systems – regional specialists: NZ, Australia, UK & US
  • Farming: farm management software
  • Tourism: reservation & property management systems

These gaps mean opportunity for the right people. Whether you are an established player, or are just working on your first version, our global customer base is creating a market for industry applications that work seamlessly with Xero. You can tap into that market if you’re prepared to move fast.

If you’re interested in Xero Add-on Partner opportunities, we would love to hear from you – get in touch. We have customers waiting for you.


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18 May 2012 #

We are a small/medium business that has been looking for a “affordable” quoting and CRM solution that links nicely with Xero.

Unfortunately we haven’t found any options that suit our need. They are too complex, targeting large enterprise type business, or charge a unaffordable fee.

Hopefully one day Xero will have these features included in their product.

Guy Pearson
18 May 2012 #


Loving the ecosystem, any new providers feel free to reach out if you’re looking to gain access to the Xero ecosystem, happy to have a chat and provide feedback for your application.


Ronan Quirke
18 May 2012 #

@Andrew sorry to hear you haven’t found the right application yet. It’s good to hear what you are after though, hopefully someone will take note.

@Guy one thing we have noticed is that our accounting & bookkeeping partners time and time again have been immensely helpful with feedback and direction to applications looking to integrate with Xero, will be sure to send some more your way!

18 May 2012 #

@Andrew check Capsule CRM and Quotient. They are affordable, easy to use tools for quoting and workflow.

Sean O’Rourke
18 May 2012 #

@Ronan would be interested to learn more about the Farm Management Software integration but I cant see it on

Jerry Zhao
19 May 2012 #

love to see the student management software and farm. They are really a mess for many of my clients now.

aXcelerate is “linked” to MYOB, but not really there yet…

Gayle Buchanan
19 May 2012 #

Would LOVE to see an operational software that can cater for ‘retentions’ in the NZ Building Industry please (or would be great if the silly thing was dropped all together – like the ‘footpath’ deposit, in favour of delayed invoicing) … anyways, plenty of customers would dearly love to track that easily – appreciate any help

Paul Turner
19 May 2012 #

Hello Xero, have you spoken to our HQ people about Basware P2P integration? We already integrate with 230 other ERP/FMIS systems…

Love your work!

Cheers, P

Trish Reeve
20 May 2012 #

I’m looking forward to a hire/purchase system to be in-built with Xero. It would be a great application to add to my customers who are forced to stay in MYOB because EzyHire integrates with MYOB (and Quicken) only.

Ronan Quirke
21 May 2012 #

@Sean – this is a call to action – we don’t have anyone integrated in the farm management space yet!

@Gayle – yes, us too! I’m hopeful someone will come to the party soon….

@Paul – I believe we did make initial contact but not heard anything back, I think your supplier activation team are focused on file transfer and not aware how our API works, but love to work with you if we can…

@Trish yes indeed, hire/purchase application integration with Xero is also something we have heard user requests for – I’m keeping my eyes peeled for an Add-on there too!

21 May 2012 #

Like to see Xero add some of the basics like contact integration with Google Apps. Being able to push and pull content with one of the biggest names in cloud SAAS would help end users create their own workflows instead of $ upon $ of SAAS links to get something as basic as contact flow working!

21 May 2012 #

I see the ecosystem model as both a plus and a minus to Xero – I love the integration aspect and the expansion beyond the accounting side of business. However, there’s always a balance with these types of SAAS suppliers that they don’t tread on each others’ toes. I worry that Xero will neglect to incorporate basic accounting functions such as inventory, remittance and payroll for fear of alienating third-party developers.

The risk is that you wind up with an unwieldly ecosystem of interrelated vendors, and suddenly your monthly charge has grown from less than $50 to several hundred dollars.

I hope that Xero’s focus on this model doesn’t distract them from the need to improve their own product and add the features which are commonplace amoungst other accounting systems.

Ronan Quirke
21 May 2012 #

@Chris – great comment, we are pretty much on the same page I think though. As I mentioned in my post, we are after “the key application they use or need to run their business” – if you also need advanced management reports or something else like that, then great, but we would not want you to need a half dozen Add-ons to run your business.

The Add-on ecosystem is not slowing us down from continuing to release new features in Xero and where there are features yet to deliver that may tread in areas that Add-ons already operate – that is ok: as we broaden our feature set, we expect our partners to continue to innovate and add value to their offering.

I think you will see validation of this through the second half of the year – keep your eyes on the blog.

22 May 2012 #

Yes, some sort of education management plugin would be fantastic. Also, a really basic inventory would be a life savor too. We don’t need multiple warehouses, bar codes, etc. We just sell a few books every now and then and keep about 20 on hand. It would be nice to be able to add a quantity on hand to invoice items.

Glad I chose Xero.


Gillian Rossouw
22 May 2012 #

@Jerry there is a RTO (Recognised Training Organisation) for student management already available, this in turn connects to Xero for the billing engine and within student admin, CRM, e-learning and surveys are managed. If you would like to find out more contact me.

@Ronan, I have been approached by a number of Finance Brokers asking if there is a solution for tracking trailing commissions which are complex and time consuming to manage. End users “wish lists” are indeed calling for retentions, equipment hiring & vet management solutions. The solutions Xero have already delivered for Add-on ecosystem only gets better and better and it is a delight to read informative blogs from your team introducing new partners.

23 May 2012 #

SimpleTix eTicketing and Event Registration software plans to integrate Xero in next month release! SimpleTix powers eTicket shops in over 25 countries!

Chris Bliss
24 May 2012 #

Just a head’s up that we can help with integration and custom development. Happy to help folks connect Xero with just about anything out there!

Conor Sweeney
29 May 2012 #

@Ronan I have been looking at both the Childcare Mgt and Education Mgt sectors and would be in interested in exploring this a little more with you – how can I contact you directly?

Ronan Quirke
29 May 2012 #

@Conor – will drop you a line

2 July 2012 #

Fingers crossed from some property management solutions — Xero has been great for our vacation rental business, but I wish there was an integrated online booking platform so we wouldn’t have to double-enter customer data and invoices.

Donny Nyamweya
20 August 2012 #

Been testing Xero for several months and now using it… To answer the initial question (CRM/Quoting solution that integrates with Xero) –
I started off with the opposite challenge. I have been using Work[etc] for everything from lead management, quoting, project management, support tickets, timesheets, invoicing, etc and was looking for an application to take the financial data (after the invoices get paid).

Work[etc] recently got integrated with Xero and so I am now migrating my accounting data to Xero so that I can have the entire backoffice system running Work[etc]->Xero->ADP
I hope this helps –

9 July 2013 #

@Ronan – I know this is an old one but, did anybody come back to you about integration with childcare packages in Australia ? We are looking at building a cloud application for childcare

Ronan Quirke
9 July 2013 #

@Kathy – nobody yet. Check out our partner page and fill out the form when you are ready – we would love to hear from you:

Sam Deeley
16 April 2014 #

Having spoken to many potential clients to promote Xero, they all seem fine with the software but the add ons seem to cause the most reluctance to change!

This includes stock systems but much more recently childcare…… is there a system coming soon to work with Xero?

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