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All about quality

We move fast here at Xero, so as General Manager, Human Resources, I spend a lot of time looking for people to design, develop, sell and support the features our customers love.

Right now, we have a big need for Quality Assurance (QA) Analysts. We currently have nine vacancies in New Zealand, eight in Wellington and one in Auckland. Our QA team are the reason Xero “just works.” We only release new features after the QA team have put them through their paces.

Some of the Xero QA team in our Wellington HQ.

Day-to-day for a QA

Being a QA is much more than just testing software. At Xero, our QAs are involved in the entire development process. When a feature is first discussed, the QA team get involved and ask all kinds of tough questions – “what if a user does this? Have you thought about that?” They use their keen analytical skills and challenge our designers, business analysts and developers to make sure they’ve thought of everything.

When a feature reaches our staging area (a kind of dress rehearsal), our QAs write test scripts – sets of actions that emulate everything a user could do. Since accounting software is such a massive, interconnected system, a QA needs to be able to see these connections and write scripts that test them.

Becoming a QA at Xero

We’re looking for people who love QA and for whom QA is a career choice. People who want the opportunity to contribute to a great product and be part of an accounting software revolution. Along with the core Xero products our QA team also provide quality assurance support for all of our associated service delivery systems, including internal systems such as BOSS (our intranet) and SubXero (our billing system).

Ideal candidates for our QA roles have had 3 to 5 years complex Web and UI quality assurance experience and have excellent communication skills both (written and verbal). A QA has strong analytical skills and can think outside the box; is flexible, proactive and can work both collaboratively and independently.

A financial background or previous experience using Xero software would be an advantage, as this gives depth and familiarity to quality assurance process.

So do you have QA skills to bring to the table? If so, we’d love to hear from you. With our fabulous new offices in Auckland and Wellington and awesome people to work alongside, it’s an exciting time to join us. So have a look at the job description and drop us a line if this sounds like you.


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Guy Pearson
25 May 2012 #

Your UI quality assurance team deserves a standing ovation… I’m still continually impressed nearly 3 years on.

I do think that you guys shouldn’t build anything that’s not core as a product (Boss and SubXero… there are plenty of great products in the market for this..)

I want you to focus on core development :)

Keep it cranking team and good luck with the hiring!

Reid Grocock
26 May 2012 #

Ive been using zero for a week and it is missing quite a few very basic features. Is there a suggestion page??

Rod Drury
26 May 2012 #

@Reid, you must be new if you spell Xero the old fashioned way.

Make sure you follow the getting started guide as we may be doing things differently than you’re used to

You can provide feedback and ask questions at

Blair Hughson
28 May 2012 #

Hi guys – could you get your existing QA team to look at the wording on the new dashboard notes:
“1 of Accounts Payable invoices created this month” doesn’t really make much sense.

Natasha Hubbard
28 May 2012 #

Thanks for the feedback Blair, appreciated. Yes indeed, we’ll look at this.

Blair Hughson
31 May 2012 #

I’m amazed that a notice all over the dashboard that clearly makes no sense is still there. How long does it take to remove the word “of”?

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