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Streamlining the year-end process

We’re all about making life easier for accountants. The single ledger has revolutionised the accounting practice, when completing the year-end process. Having access to the client’s accounting data throughout the course of the year, means that year-end is less of a mission, and hopefully more like an extension of a usual month end.

Now with WorkflowMax Practice Manager in Xero, New Zealand based accountants have a seamless connection with the tax department for filing returns (we’ll be working on other regions over time). Because we’re the first vendor to release the IRD 2012 complement of tax returns, accountants could if ready file their returns literally days after end of year.

Typically accounting firms would have had to wait months to complete the year-end process and that’s before even beginning to think about upgrading their tax filing software to prepare returns.

Bryan Simpson of Boutique Financial started filing returns for 2012 on 3 April. That’s pretty speedy given that the NZ year-end is March 31! Watch this video to hear about his experience.

By creating efficiencies in the year-end process the accountant is able to shift the focus away from compliance to offering business advice.

Xero Partners in New Zealand can get WorkflowMax Practice Manager + Tax free.

If you’re a Xero Partner in Australia or the UK, find out how you can get WorkflowMax Practice Manager free as well. Or contact if you’re anywhere else.


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Daniel Walter Scott
11 May 2012 #

Love this system. I don’t know how it works but it’s meant my tax returns were done super quickly. Bryan (above) helped me through it right there in my office. High five Bryan! High five Xero!

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