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Integrated Payroll Update

If you’ve been following our progress since the acquisition of Paycycle by Xero nine months ago, you’ll know that we’ve been running fast to bring integrated payroll to the core Xero accounting product for Australian customers. We’ve spoken to literally thousands of customers and accounting partners about the pending release and how much more productive integrated payroll will allow them to be.

Integrating payroll into a much broader Xero platform has certainly presented some new challenges. The project has involved some 40 people at varying stages; work on 4 different apps in the Xero platform that payroll touches; the involvement of 4 dedicated testers who are the guardians of a high quality outcome and 2 weeks of final migration and performance testing before we are ready to roll it out.

All these factors combine to mean that we will be a little late and won’t be releasing at the end of April as we had hoped. However, we are still committed to delivering payroll well before the end of the financial year in Australia so you have plenty of time to conduct migration from your legacy systems. We’ll let you know more about the expected release date in the 2-3 weeks.

In the mean time, please don’t forget that a Paycycle account is now free and all your data will automatically appear inside Xero on the day of the integrated payroll release..


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Wayde Christie
26 April 2012 #

I was invoiced for Paycycle for April – is that the last one I’ll get?

Stuart McLeod
26 April 2012 #

Yes @Wayde, that’s right. You won’t receive another Paycycle invoice. Just make sure you have synced your Xero account with your Paycycle account.

Wayde Christie
26 April 2012 #

Thanks Stuart.

From the link you provided:

“We’ve got some great news! Paycycle is going to become Xero Payroll soon. As soon as you have connected your Xero organisation to your Paycycle account we’ll no longer bill you for your Paycycle subscription. If you have a current, active Xero subscription, you will now only receive invoices from Xero.”

That was published Feb 29, yet I’ve still been billed for PayCycle for March and April. Yes, I synced PayCycle and Xero the day I signed up for PayCycle, which was before Xero bought them.

Why have I been charged for two extra months?

Stuart McLeod
26 April 2012 #

@Wayde, please send an email to support [at] paycycle [dot] com [dot] au.


26 April 2012 #

That makes me a sad panda.

26 April 2012 #

40 people? Are we still talking about “integration” with the existing and perfectly working payroll solution?

26 April 2012 #

Well they say good things come to those who wait and I know everyone will be happy when it does come. Don’t worry Paycycle the good thing is we will wait!

26 April 2012 #

Ahhh xero. Time to keep promisses and deadlines! is xero the new Quickbooks?

Stuart McLeod
27 April 2012 #

@JC, I’m sorry that you’re a panda, however for someone with such big hands your keyboard skills are exemplary.

@BH. Yes. 6 developers and testers in Canberra, 4 support analysts and 1 pr agency in Melbourne, 2 QAs, 7 developers, 4 Operations, 2 help documentation writers, 2 designers, 2 product managers, 1 video production person, 1 public relations, 2 finance people and 4 marketing experts in Wellington. And me; the blog writer. Is that 40? 38. I’ve exaggerated by 2. Xero is growing rapidly and we’re only at the beginning. Exciting times.

@Xeropromise. Promises has 2 s’ in total. Not 3. Xero is a noun and therefore commences with an upper-case X.

Kelly Migro
27 April 2012 #

Love your replies Stuart :)

I love the new Paycycle interface, and it will feel a little strange not to log onto Paycycle in the future and that it will all be done through Xero. Loving the fact that it is now free with a Xero account, as I have been able to recommend Paycycle to clients who did not have payroll software and then being able to get them to convert to Xero at the same time!

27 April 2012 #

Perhaps being a bit too Gen Y. For further explanation:

Xero promise
30 April 2012 #

Thank you Stuart. Love your humor. Will take that into account when you announce the next deadline! All a joke!
Xero and promises! (got it right now?)

Heather Smith
30 April 2012 #


Only 2 finance people are involved in a Payroll integration with and Accounting system?? Yet by my count above 7 people from Sales/Marketing/PR.

It is all about the numbers, and that is a somewhat worrying ratio.

Stuart McLeod
30 April 2012 #

Hi @Heather, sorry, I think by using the term finance I’ve been misleading. When we say finance, I mean the fantastic people in our billing and processing team. They’ve been helping us with the transition from the old Paycycle billing to the standard Xero billing system. With regards to the payroll and accounting side of finance, our BAs look after all that along side our developers. As you know we’ve lived and breathed payroll and Xero accounting for nearly 3 years now, so hopefully we’re on top of those things.


2 May 2012 #

Do you offer a UK payroll service?

Ronan Quirke
4 May 2012 #

@Rex we have a number of Add-on partners in the UK that provide payroll and this can be seamlessly integrated with Xero:

22 May 2012 #

hi team what is the latest anticipated integration date?

Mary Moore
22 May 2012 #

Hi – will there be something like this in NZ please? I’ve got a couple of clients who would swap to Xero in a jiffy if it included payroll (I’m not talking about the very basic one that’s already available in Xero btw)

@Leedham Creative
12 July 2012 #

When will individual Client EoM statements be available with an option to attach the invoices?
Still waiting for support to contact me on the LAFHA Issue!

Naperville accountants
7 August 2013 #

Thanks so much for posting. It is a great analysis of parts of the Payroll.

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