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Fathom – reporting awesomeness

Fathom Add-on Partner

So what is Fathom?

Fathom is a management reporting and financial analysis tool that lets you see how your business is tracking using your Xero accounting data. It looks at profitability, cashflow, growth and tracks the KPIs that drive your business. You can also compare the performance of multiple Xero organisations such as franchisees, branches or subsidiaries.

Who is it for?

Fathom is useful for accountants who are seeking to deliver more frequent and engaging management reporting and KPI tracking to their clients. There is also a Fathom plan for businesses using Xero that want the same insights.

How Fathom works with Xero

Fathom extracts key real time financial data from Xero and allows you to view a variety of reports and analysis. It’s a simple one-click process to update data from Xero.

Where you can use Fathom

Fathom recently completed beta-testing in the Australian market and launched at the Xero Australia Roadshow in February. It can be used anywhere in the world – pricing is in Australian dollars for now.

Check it out

For a free 14 day trial or to learn more about Fathom, check it out here.


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Adele Wardley
5 April 2012 #

We are using Fathom to provide a future focused service to our clients and the response has been amazing. It is brilliantly designed, intuitive and easy to use, and most importantly helps us help our clients make more money. Definitely give it a try.

Andrew Moore
5 April 2012 #

Just played with the trial of fathom and I have to say that it is absolutely fantastic. This is what the cloud is all about!! 5 minutes and I have a really solid reporting suite for my business.

Josh from xocashflow
5 April 2012 #

The guys at Fathom have created something quite magical. Xero users now have access to KPI reporting dashboards that used to only be available in high-end CRM and ERP systems.

That, and it’s beautiful to behold.

Nick Bird
6 April 2012 #

I just took a look to see how it compared to Spotlight, which I have been using a little bit. I really like the focus on the KPI and how easy it is to interact with and manipulate the charts. Great product! I’m looking forward to showing demos to my clients for this. A really great value.

Nick Bird
6 April 2012 #

Adele – In what way are you using the the service to provide future focused service? When I used it there was no option budget or provide future focused reporting. (though the great past information obviously could be used to project into the future, I didn’t see this option built into their platform)

6 April 2012 #

We are using it at Leader Accountancy. Love it! Going to increase the licence this month!


Owen McGab Enaohwo
8 April 2012 #

What is the difference between Fathom, Indinero and 60mo?

Ronan Quirke
10 April 2012 #

@Owen It would be hard to compare all three, but I guess the main difference is Fathom is Xero integrated!

Indinero, to my understanding, does not work off accounting data, but banking data, so it won’t provide quite the same reports. 60mo would be closer as it works off banking and accounting data, but is more focused on cashflow forecasting and budgeting, so would be complimentary to Fathom in many ways.

18 April 2012 #

Looks cool. What’s the over-under for an acquisition by Xero? 6 months?

Adele Wardley
5 May 2012 #

Hi Nick – sorry I have only just come back to this. We use the KPI snapshot of the client’s business to help them work out where to focus next in order to improve their profit and net asset position.
Have you used the “goalseek” function in the tools section of Fathom? It is pretty cool at estimating the effect of changes on your selected kpi.

Jeanette Korporaal
19 May 2012 #

Someone mentioned that Fathom could be used for consolidations/aggregations of many organisations and comparisons & benchmarking.
Is that correct?
If so, would that work with just one copy of Fathom for an Accounting Practice with many organisations registered with Xero?

Daniel Walls
21 May 2012 #

Hi Jeanette – That’s correct. For example – an accounting practice wanting to deliver a comparison/benchmarking service to a franchise could subscribe to Fathom, load up multiple Xero organisations (the franchisees) and then share access to the different stakeholders (the franchisee owners, the franchisor). You can also apply the necessary privacy settings depending on your requirements.

Mark Rosen
12 July 2012 #

We are accountants and are very excited about using Xero with our clients. We’ve found it an extraordinary tool with terrific visuals. The future !

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