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Developer update: post journals

Today’s API release extends the Manual Journals functionality.

Developers can now enter POSTED Manual Journals via the Xero API in addition to DRAFT Manual Journals. We’ve also added support for URL links on manual journals via the Xero API so you can add a convenient link back to the relevant source data in your system — just like you can with invoices.

The Xero API team

The Xero API Team

This has been a heavily requested feature, particularly from developers looking to integrate inventory and payroll type applications where journals can be really useful.

There are quite a few validation rules that need to be satisfied before entering posted journals in Xero, and we’ve detailed all of them in our API Reference.

This release also has a number of improvements and fixes – see our latest release notes for full details.

Coming soon

  • Support for attachments on Accounts Payable invoices
  • Mark invoices as sent to a contact

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peter sullivan
17 April 2012 #

As a recent subscriber to Xero, we (and the client) are finding it an extremely painful experience.
The support is quite poor, the HELP Centre misnamed.
Most of the XERO staff have obviously never used the system and cannot relate to a user perspective. their belief is that you can fire of a thread in an email to a client and their task is complete.

Wayne Robinson
17 April 2012 #

Xeroizer (Ruby library for Xero) has been updated to support these new features:

Tony Rule
17 April 2012 #

@Peter – sorry to hear things haven’t gone so well. We’ll be in touch
directly to see how we can help

Tony Rule
17 April 2012 #

@Wayne – nice work and great to see lots of developers using this wrapper library too. In case anyone is wondering, Url links added to Manual Journals via the Xero API will be visible in the Xero app from the next Xero product release.

Phil Shipley
17 April 2012 #

Yay, been waiting a while for this, we’ll be rolling this out tomorrow in Tradevine. Thanks guys.

Richard Francis
19 April 2012 #

Nice work guys – coming soon in Spotlight Workpapers! (where you can already post a journal to Xero)

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