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A New face at Xero Australia

I’ve recently joined the Australian team as National Sales Manager for the accountancy channel. It feels like I’ve jumped into some kind of time machine and been transported into the future, leaving behind the world of legacy desktop accounting software solutions and arriving well and truly in the cloud.

Where I’ve come from

I’ve worked in the accounting and accounting software industries for the last 20 years. I started as an auditor and management consultant for KPMG and after three years I joined Attaché Software Australia where I was National Sales Manager for six years, then General Manager for six years after that. More recently I was General Manager for Micronet Systems Australia before being lured by the enthusiasm of everyone I’d spoken to at Xero, as well as many in and around the industry.

I’ve been around long enough to have witnessed some of the more significant disruptions in our industry, including the shift from DOS to Windows, the Y2K scare and the introduction of GST in Australia. However all of these changes and advancements tend to fade into insignificance when you look at the enormous value proposition on offer with the shift to cloud computing. Having worked closely with accounting firms of all sizes over many years, I can see enormous value in what Xero and the cloud now bring to the table for them.

Seeing is believing

In the short time I’ve been with Xero, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with a number of partners and I’ve been blown away by the advantage they now have. By breaking away from the traditional compliance relationship they’ve had with their clients for many years, they are now forming relationships that are far more proactive and value based.

Having accountants, clients, client business data and an ever-growing range of productivity tools all connected via the Internet is making an impact I’ve never seen before from both a business efficiency and profitability perspective.

So if it isn’t already obvious enough, I’m more than ready for what should be one hell of a ride!


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Tim C @ FGS
12 April 2012 #

Welcome David
You have a great platform to build from and there is still so much upside

Looking forward to meeting you soon


Andrew Haynes
12 April 2012 #

Welcome David, sounds like you’ve caught the Xero bug! It’s super infectious :]

You’re displaying all the classic symptoms; renewed love for software and passion for letting people know.

I bet you’re already telling people about Xero at bars & barbeques.

Randy Shaver
12 April 2012 #

Well David i hope this product is as good as its marketed.If it turns out to be a scam i will personaly hold you responsible.It really does kick ass though

Steph Hinds
12 April 2012 #

Welcome David. Look forward to meeting you IRL :)

Hi David,
Pretty cool – and I think you’ll love Xero. I used to work at Attache NZ and then with Forte Accounting before forming my own business. 4 years ago we converted all our clients to Xero and have never looked back. We are going into the Australia market next year (one of team is already based in Melbourne) so will look forward to helping grow the Xero presence in OZ.

Nathan Vellacott
12 April 2012 #

I service a fleet of vehicles for a large company and would like to know if I can edit the Invoices in such a way as to be allocated to individual vehicles/machinery apart from the reference box?

Chris Ridd
12 April 2012 #

Andrew Haynes… there is nothing wrong with selling Xero at bars and BBQs… ’tis my specialty!!

Earl Rudolfo
13 April 2012 #

Congrats on new new position and welcome David. I sense your enthusiasm about Xero. Sounds like you’re been beamed up into the Xero enterprise spaceship -:) Enjoy the ride!

Andrew Haynes
13 April 2012 #

@Chris, I must confess I do it also ;)

Gillian Rossouw
15 April 2012 #

Welcome to Xero David, am sure you will be as addicted as we all are. Look forward to meeting you on the next Roadshow.

Anna Kyriacou
18 April 2012 #

Welcome David to the Xero family, see you at Xero Con 2012

21 April 2012 #

Give me a really simple explanation as to why Aussies pay $49 for the same features as yanks pay $29. Our dollar is now worth more than theirs, it’s not the 90’s anymore.

Rod Drury
25 April 2012 #

Hi concerned, the AU version currently has more features than the USA, a full BAS module and soon to have fully integrated payroll.

We are aware of the currency variations but have decided it’s not a priority to make changes at this time.

We’re all friends here so prefer people using their real names :)


25 April 2012 #

Really Rod? We are all friends? But you’re ripping us aussies off.

Rod Drury
25 April 2012 #

Hey Andrew, that’s not nice.

We think we’re delivering a lot of value to our customers and are now bundling in payroll at no extra charge.

Agree the US looks light but we’re just getting started there. We’re still a loss making company so every customer is an investment but we are continuing to build our team to continue to deliver innovation and to save even more time.

We’re are heavily investing in Australia and creating a lot of new jobs and opportunities. AU staff are considerably more expensive than New Zealand staff.

It’s interesting from a NZ point of view to see how AU superannuation works. In NZ it is not compulsory and it’s amazing to us that Super is 9% and going to 12%. Definitely something I’d personally like to see in NZ as I think it leads to investment in businesses.


23 May 2013 #

Hi Rod,

Does that mean that once you guys have everything set up, the price may drop? You mentioned that the U.S version is lacking a lot of features but from what I can see, apart from the BAS module, there isn’t any difference.

David New
23 May 2013 #

Hi Andrew,

We don’t anticipate any reduction in our current prices, but on the flip side we’re not planning on slowing down the addition of new features and continuing to add significantly more value any time soon either! Lots more goodness to come – watch this space!

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