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She has the midas touch

I first met Gillian Rossouw when we made a video back in February 2009. While relatively new to Xero her enthusiasm knew no bounds. Within minutes she had the young film crew hanging off her every word and all but signed up to Xero.

Two years on she is the first bookkeeper in the Xero network to reach gold partner status. (Gillian is pictured with Xero Australia’s Chris Ridd and Wayne Schmidt when we announced this at our recent Roadshow.) To become a gold partner you need to convert and continue to service 100 clients on Xero – not bad for a one-woman band whose services include tackling challenging IT issues for clients.

Getting started

Gillian first did a trial of Xero in May 2009, but it wasn’t until the September that she signed up. “I’d broken my wrist and couldn’t drive,” she says. “I thought how am I going to see clients? I can’t catch cabs everywhere.” While she had liked what she saw, this clinched the deal. “I’ve been a sponge for more knowledge of Xero ever since.”

Gillian has created a diverse portfolio of clients on Xero including an oncologist, retirement village, fish and chip shop, caravan park, furniture manufacturer, pool fencing company and an opal mining company — to name a few! While many of these are based on the Gold Coast, Australia where Gillian lives, Xero has allowed her to take on clients in other regions and even offshore.

Gillian’s services go well beyond bookkeeping and she’s carved quite a niche helping clients choose and integrate add-on solutions. “Xero’s API really is such a bowl of candy now that there is always something to offer a client who has a different need,” she says.

Other bookkeepers can do this too

Gillian believes this is an exciting time for bookkeepers. “I’ve been quite overwhelmed with the support I’ve received about this and I hope it will encourage other bookkeepers to become a gold partner.” While she admits it’s been hard work there’s been a lot of fun along the way.

We can certainly vouch for her fun and stamina. A self confessed “Xero Groupie,” Gillian is the only partner who has been to four Xerocons. And while it’s a given that she’ll be at Xerocon Australia in July (last year she scooped the Xero Knowledge Award), watch out world. Now that 27 September has been locked in for Xerocon UK, Gillian’s booking her flight.


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Gayle Buchanan
9 March 2012 #

way to go Gillian, thanks for paving the way for Book Keepers – Huge Congratulations

Wendy Iverson
9 March 2012 #

Congratulations. This is a lovely testament and well-deserved to one of the hardest working persons I know. Commitment, dedication, focus, service-delivery: ticks all the boxes!

Nik Wakelin
9 March 2012 #

From one side of the candy bowl to another – congrats Gillian!

— The MinuteDock Crew

9 March 2012 #

A good inspirational story – I went to the seminar on Tuesday and a new client on it by Friday… It wont stop there either for me as I have more that will gain the benefit of Live Accounts

Gillian Rossouw
9 March 2012 #

Thank you so much @Gayle; @Wendy; @Nik and @Bonnie for those beautiful green ticks and words of encouragement. If there are any bookkeepers who have not signed up to #Xero and in between breaks at the #ICB conference 13th March would like to have a chat to #Xero Team or myself come hunt me down at the coffee urn.

Tina Kaye
9 March 2012 #

Nice job Jill. Enjoy that Moet. I hope we follow you to 100 soon!

Anton Gerner
9 March 2012 #

Well done Gillian!

Danny Hayden
10 March 2012 #

Congratulations my lovely friend! A wonderful achievement.


Earl Rudolfo
10 March 2012 #

Congrats Gillian, you’re a superwoman -:) Sounds like you’re not just doing “good work” but “great work” for your clients. Keep it up!

11 March 2012 #

Gillian deserves a partner level all of her own :)

11 March 2012 #

Congratulations Gillian! Out of curiosity, how many partners does someone need to become silver and bronze?

Darren McMahon
12 March 2012 #

Great work Gillian. Hopefully there will be some other bookkeepers reaching Gold soon.

Diane Crawford-Errington
13 March 2012 #

Wow fantastic work Gillian. Very inspirational.

Michelle Harrison
14 March 2012 #

Congrats Gillian. So lovely to have someone so generous and helpful leading the way for us “fledgling” partners!! Xero may have to invent a new level for you – diamond sounds pretty good!!

20 March 2012 #


Michael ‘MC’ Carter
20 March 2012 #

Well done @JillOfAllTradz ! Inspiring stuff. Brilliant to see you so active in social media too.

Sue Hirst CFO On-Call
23 March 2012 #

Well done Gillian – it’s great to see someone growing their business by embracing changes and technology. You are an inspiration to all businesses – not just bookkeepers. Regards Sue Hirst – CFO On-Call

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