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Our first Xero event in San Francisco

Last night we had over thirty accountants and bookkeepers from around the Bay area at one of the hottest cafés in San Francisco—Elite Audio Café—to talk about the cloud. If it wasn’t enough to learn about how the internet has changed the world of accounting from resident CTO Craig Walker, we also had cupcakes.

There were lots of great questions; many of which centered around how to move clients to Xero. It was a great way for people to meet each other and share ideas as part of a like-minded community. Some of the discussions will not doubt continue in our new Xero Community in the months to follow.

We also heard from existing Xero partners about how tax season was going. Below is a quick video with Jim Wilkinson who is one of our early adopters in the US.

The next event in San Francisco will be late April or early May 2012. We plan on talking about solutions that can help relieve headaches experienced with desktop accounting software during tax season. Just send us an email if you would like to join us.


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Denis Breen
3 March 2012 #

Well Done Xero SF.
Makes me want to go back.

Irvin Jaffe
3 March 2012 #

Is there a video or audio podcast of the meeting?

Jamie Sutherland
3 March 2012 #

Irvin – here is a link to the presentation on slideshare:

Scott McReynolds
3 March 2012 #

Was a great event. Impressed with the product and the people at Xero. Becoming a Xero Partner in the near future is now a priority for me.

Gayle Buchanan
4 March 2012 #

congrats xero, how incredibly exciting

Heather Smith
4 March 2012 #

It is very exciting that you had a Xero Event in San Francisco. A stylish city with so many innovative businesses. The entrepreneurs will love what XERO can do for them.

Nick Bird
8 March 2012 #

Wish I could have been there! Thanks for the link Jamie.

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