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Last day of the year

March 31st is the end of the trading year for many companies. All around New Zealand sales people are doing those last deals to make their numbers. The commission cheque all comes down to today.

It’s no different at Xero. We’ve got our entire NZ sales team in Auckland working together with the champagne in the fridge to celebrate another huge year.

Larissa, one of our sales veterans (though you wouldn’t know that to look at her) has had more ‘last days’ than anyone. I asked her to share a sales story.

“Well, there is this one partner who I’ve been working with for over year. We’ve had hundreds of great phone calls but when it came to closing the deal and signing up 20 customers the paperwork was always ‘on it’s way’. The best excuse was – I’ve just jumped out of the shower, can I put some clothes on and call you back. He didn’t. Finally this week, just days before the end of the year they came though. We always get our man.”

I remember an event here in Auckland where an accountant said “I’ve been out of the profession for 10 years. I went to one of your competitors events and was so disheartened that nothing had changed in 10 years. But having just seen what Xero’s doing the future of accounting is here. This has given me the passion to build my own practice”. So cool.

This morning we received a photo from one of our great partners, Neil from Winstanley Kerridge in Blenheim saying his staff are having so much fun converting their entire practice to Xero they decided to make an outfit for their Xero expert. Introducing James … ‘The Xero Hero’.

You may remember James who won “Most Knowledgeable” at #XeroCon4. Here is James in his evening wear.

Another big highlight for the sales team was the Accountants Republic event where all of the high growth partners presented the key elements to their success. We were humbled that Xero was a big part of that and had changed their businesses.

Katie, who looks after our vertical industry partners said this email made her year …

I understand that the association needs a reference for Xero to join, I would like to say that as a franchisor for 15 years I don’t think I have ever come across a product more suited to our sector.

Not only is Xero a NZ product but for us it would almost seem to be purpose built. We have undertaken a JV with them to develop an industry leading product with a database and accounting interface and we are very excited by the opportunity this presents all of our franchisees in terms of efficiency, cost savings and future proofing..

I have found Xero excellent to work with and believe they would be a significant asset to the franchise association, I hope this finds you well and helps Xero with their application, yours faithfully Logan Sears CEO Green Acres franchise group ltd

On behalf of the New Zealand sales team I’d love to thank our valued partners and customers for such a great year. If you’re around Parnell late in the afternoon the bubbly is being chilled.


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30 March 2012 #

Glad selling’s going so well!

With all those new customers joining this year a blog style piece (with the benefit of the comments) describing how to do a year end in Xero might be pretty useful. Is that possible?

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