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It’s all about conversion

Posted 6 years ago in Advisors by Chris Ridd
Posted by Chris Ridd

One of the key sessions on our recent Australian roadshow (30 cities in 5 states = 3000 attendees.Yay!) was how to convert from another accounting system to Xero.

The steps presented by our trusty training and technology team, namely Joel Hanna and Tim Wright, were well received.

At Xero we’ve tried to make it possible to import a range of data into Xero and developed some guides for accounting partners to help with the conversion process. These are available in the Resource tab of Xero Partner Edition and let us know if there are any other accounting packages you’d like a guide for.

As more accounting and bookkeeping partners convert large numbers of clients, it’s great to see providers who offer conversion services emerging within the Xero ecosystem.

These providers are popping up in regions where there is high demand for Xero conversions. For instance, here in Australia Click 2 Convert has developed a service that converts from any version of MYOB or QuickBooks, to Xero. The process is as simple as completing a 2 minute website signup, answering some brief questions, uploading your file and paying just A$199.

Watch this video for an overview:

Another conversion service that’s about to launch in Australia is Xpressconvert by Adelaide based chartered accountants Jaquillard Minns. There’s also the New Zealand based LiveMigrate and in the UK LedgerScope is due to launch its Movemybooks.

We’ll be including conversion services in the Add-on directory over the coming weeks.

To support conversion providers and individuals wanting to migrate their accounts across to Xero we’re working to create a simplified way to upload information in a single step (as explained in this blog). It will remove a lot of the pain and manual steps currently associated with the conversion process. We’ve still a got a bit of work to do, but stay tuned.


Cecile Boulter
March 29, 2012 at 2.26 pm

Switching is getting more and more easy. Fantastic support from Xero, great innovative thinking.

Ben Kepes
March 29, 2012 at 4.45 pm

Thanks for the shout out Chris. At LiveMigrate we firmly believe in choice – that organizations should have the choice to use the software that best works for them – if we can help them achieve that aim then we’ll be stoked.

We also believe that people need choice in their migration – some folks simply want to get trial balance and customer information across, other want asset registers and the like while yet others will want the “full monty” historical data over the regulated record keeping period. The three flavours of LiveMigrate give people choices around this.

Choice extends beyond simply the Xero and MYOB decision however and our roadmap sees us roll out far further options for folks who use other systems of record – watch this space!

Chris Ridd
March 29, 2012 at 4.54 pm

Thanks Ben. We are very pleased at Xero to see a solution provider channel starting to build around these types of conversion services. It demonstrates to us that the people closest to the action clearly see the market opportunity and as all these offerings tend to be backed by experienced accountants, customers can be assured of a reliable, well-informed and complete service experience. I love what is happening in this space and agree that choice is very important.

Adrian Pearson
March 29, 2012 at 8.21 pm

Likewise, thanks for the name-check here Chris. Over here in the UK, our Move my Books service is initially there to help UK users of Sage software to migrate to Xero painlessly. However, we will have help for QuickBooks users too within weeks.

For accountancy firms sold on Xero, with clients who have seen the light, the conversion process is currently the only friction holding them back. Migration services are now here to remove that friction – and we are happy to be playing our part.

Nick Bird
March 31, 2012 at 3.13 am

Great article on conversion. I’m excited that this space is picking up some transaction and getting more investment. I’ll be busting down the door for conversions when historical transactions are included 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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