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Even more beautiful accounting software

The new iPads went on sale today and since our new UK office is barely 400 yards away from an Apple Store, it was too easy to pick one up after the crowds had died down this lunchtime. And as you can see from this comparison, Xero looks even more stunning on the new iPad’s Retina display. The left image is a close-up of Xero running on a first generation iPad, the right on today’s brand new Retina display iPad. Click for big.


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Adrian Pearson
17 March 2012 #

Mmmm… and you are using this to justify your purchase of the new iPad? :)

Gary Turner
17 March 2012 #

Always happy to self-sacrifice for the greater good. :)

Cant wait to get my own.
I had to explain to someone the very big difference that the retna screen makes to the feel of the iPad.

Out of all the iPad like devices I like the responsiveness of the iPad the most.


Trevor Schoenmaekers
17 March 2012 #

Now I just have to get one. I love my MacBook Air but I was just back from a conference and so many people had there IPads in the conference I thought a Laptop might be a bit big and a little rude.

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