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Can I ask you a few questions about marketing?


The Xero marketing team often get asked marketing-related questions when we’re out and about so we thought we’d capture some ideas and share them with everyone in a little web series.

We scribbled all over a whiteboard with real-life accountant and Xero co-founder Hamish Edwards, and we’ve come up with all sorts of ideas to grow your business.

There will be blog posts here, podcasting on iTunes, threads in the Xero Community and some little video interviews on YouTube so you can see who you’re listening to.

Everyone is at a different level, from understanding the basics, through to advanced media planning and activation, so we’ll get the ball rolling with some marketing 101 stuff then build up from there.

Topics will be accounting and bookkeeping flavoured but most of the ideas translate across industries so stay tuned if you want to find out more. If you have any topics you’d like to see us cover, be sure to let us know in the comments section.


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Andrew Haynes
5 March 2012 #

Oooooh, exciting. Looking forward to it Courtney!

Heather Smith
5 March 2012 #

I think it would be really easy to pull together a suggested marketing calendar for the different sorts of accountants and bookkeepers out there.

Unbelievably I have never seen an accounting organisation do this!!

I know nothing about marketing … but I imagine it would go something like…in April the theme is to get clients ready for EOFY and send them out emails with info about EOFY…and lock in appointments…likewise during the quite November month the theme could be training and upskilling… does that make sense?

I actually am running a webinar to generate a marketing calendar for accountants on 16th April with a Sydney marketing identify…but it is a closed webinar…:(…but good to see what you come up with and compare notes.

btw this comment box is TOO SMALL!!

Courtney Lambert
5 March 2012 #

Hi Heather that’s a good idea. I’ll start off really small defining marketing (sounds silly but most people jump straight into advertising and promotion and forget the wider scope) and keep building through the execution. Hamish has also got some really good ideas on networking events (see also ‘party planning’) that I think you’ll find fun.

Carlene Dredge
5 March 2012 #

Great idea and look forward to reading, listening and watching to the upcoming material. One of the most important aspects that I find with marketing is being able to track the success and thanks to Xero I have found Salesforce (one of Xero’s AddOn Partners) which is a wonderful CRM system to track all my contacts, build reporting and track which marketing is working for me.

Kelvin Hartnall
6 March 2012 #

Excellent – this is the sort of unique Xero-created content that I love to read and keeps bringing me back to this blog. I like the new direction the blog is taking. Look forward to reading your upcoming pieces.

Lee McClelland
7 March 2012 #

II would love to see Xero experts add in some real figures when talking marketing. So SME can target their spend better. Test and measure facts and figures etc.
I would like to see info on the structure of deals involved in marketing. How to approach a national chain or corporate and what sort of revenue share or cut they would expect in return for the exposure they can provide.
As Xero is networking away your insights and lessons learned about going National and Global via partnerships would be very interesting.

Courtney Lambert
7 March 2012 #

Hi Lee. Thanks for your comment. You’re right and it’s so important. We spoke with an accountant the other day about a radio campaign he had in mind. When we told him the spend required he was shocked! Big enterprise marketing you see around you is often not feasible for SME so partnering may be an option. I like your thinking and we will do something on this.

Elizabeth Salter
21 March 2012 #

Yes please! I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I’m great in my own industry, but my skills in marketing leave alot to be desired. And information about marketing is always welcome!

Riya Sen
6 April 2014 #

hi, I would like to know how Xero software grew and how it became successful.

9 May 2014 #

Please can you let me know if there is one central area all the marketing blogs, podcasts and video links are available at? It doesn’t seem to be here on the ‘Can I ask you a few questions about marketing?’ page. Searching for the term ‘marketing’ in the Business Blog brings up 10 articles written since 2012, of which four have the title ‘Small Business Marketing’. Were there any more articles written and did the podcasts and videos go ahead or was the project abandoned? Thanks for your help.

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