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RightSignature and Xero

Being able to email invoices and quotes directly out of Xero to a contact is great, but what if you need formal acceptance before you proceed? Electronic signatures are legally binding in New Zealand, Australia, the U.S., U.K., and most other jurisdictions, and collecting a signature on a document (electronic or not) shows you mean business.

RightSignature has taken document signing to the cloud. You can easily send a document for signing and complete the whole process without the usual hassles. You choose which format – PDF or Word doc (other formats too).

To find out more, check out RightSignature.

Watch this video to see how you can capture an electronic signature on a Xero invoice:


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1 February 2012 #

“Electronic signatures are legally binding in Australia, the U.S., U.K., and most other jurisdictions…” are they legally binding in New Zealand?

Ronan Quirke
1 February 2012 #

@StuartM – I’m certainly not a lawyer, but it does appear that the Electronic Transactions Act 2002 makes electronic signatures legally binding in New Zealand. Not a whole lot of useful info on this topic available online, but the paper linked to in this article is useful:

Gayle Buchanan
1 February 2012 #

what a fab idea – well done!

Daryl Bernstein
1 February 2012 #

Daryl from RightSignature here. Electronic signatures have been validated by law in most countries around the world (including New Zealand). Here’s a complete list with further references:
If you have questions about RightSignature, feel free to contact us at

Ronan Quirke
1 February 2012 #

Thanks Daryl, updated to include NZ for clarity.

Brad Golchin
20 April 2013 #

Hi Daryl,is it possible ro have some integration with workflowmax,it would more useful to get the tax forms and quotes signed .thanks

23 July 2013 #

Please confirm that RightSignature is legally binding in London, UK?

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