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Ramon Ray meets Xero

Influential and self confessed technology evangelist Ramon Ray from the Business Insider Smallbiztechnolgy team  recently caught up with Xero’s US President Jamie Sutherland to introduce Xero to his US audience.


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22 February 2012 #

Nice interview!

22 February 2012 #

I struggled to get past the headline, it was so confusing: Since when has Zero been an Australian company?

Gayle Buchanan
23 February 2012 #

Well done Jamis – so great to hear New Zealand – right from the get go!

Rod Drury
23 February 2012 #

@CJ_NZ – since when has it been Zero?

The New Zealand thing is an interesting thing for us now. Already we are a truly global company with staff in NZ, UK, AU and USA. We are building software in Canberra and Melbourne (and even Auckland). Of course we are proud kiwi’s but we also have a proud and noisy Scotsman on our team. Our dev teams are like the United nations.

I remember speaking to Jeremy Moon from Icebreaker years ago who said that one of his challenges was having head office staff in Wellington not look out the window and think that was the market.

Getting the balance right is something we think a lot about and would welcome anyone’s thoughts.

For now thought we’re thrilled to see Jamie telling the story in the USA and for someone as influential as Ramon to get it.

This is starting to get exciting isn’t it!

23 February 2012 #

What a painful interviewer. Why can’t he just ask a simple question and then be quiet? A question takes him 2 minutes to complete.

Mike Porter
23 February 2012 #

IMHO – NZ inc on many levels has a great global brand, and I’m sure many kiwi’s feel proud of the achievements to date and want to fly the flag but for a tech company does it run the risk of having a parochial connotation? On the one hand accountants, I’m sure prefer the surety of buying from either a perceived domestic national business or alternately a global one (with a sense of security). Arguably Xero wouldn’t want to push the kiwi message too far in the overseas markets, do you make it an Australian story in an Australian market, or simply a global accounting product prospering in an Australian market. Given major headline shareholders draw from all the key markets, and the employee base is clearly global too, and the internet is a unifying and connecting medium does it lend itself to a distributed sense of identity and ownership ? We can celebrate with pride within NZ Xeros success but naturally the company should establish a brand identity that maximizes it’s growth prospects and perhaps let the various country managers spin their message appropriately (without the flag waving Kiwi fans necessarily correcting). I like the positioning personally that the idea incubated in NZ but has a global backing and ownership model in a new global tech era and in the US Jamie pushing Peter Thiel, Chris in Australia Craig Wrinklers backing etc.
Rod, it’s getting very exciting, that inflection point has either occurred or you’re right on the verge ….

Robbie Dellow
23 February 2012 #

I agree mostly with Mike’s comments. I would add that … namely the NZ flag waving could detract from some people by making them think that Xero has not designed from ‘X’ countries viewpoint. As Mike said, let each country manager ‘spin’ their message.
I don’t think we are near an ‘inflection’ or tipping point. I am encouraged to hear of the start of coverage Xero is getting in USA. Once Xero starts making more headway there then things will get really interesting. Am excited with the developments and future ahead.

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