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Melbourne Roadshow live updates

4:30 Final session
Wayne rounding out the day with the summary.

It’s been a fantastic day and for our finale, I asked the audience who is going to convert to Xero when they get back to the office? Here was the result…

Who's switching to Xero?!

3:30 update… Me!
Ok, so a little hard to blog while I’m on stage. I think the audience might get a little offended by my distraction! Although, in massive news, we just demonstrated the first ever live version of integrated payroll. Not even Xero employees have seen this, and it’s so hot off the press, we were still working on it only an hour ago. An unbelievable effort by all the people working on the project to get payroll to this point and it was fantastic to be able to present it to an audience for the first time. No crashes, smooth as silk!

2:30 update… Chris Ridd.
Chris Ridd hits the stage and a show of hands indicates that more than half the audience are brand new to Xero. It’s fantastic to see that our roadshows are spreading the word. The beautiful thing about so many new people coming to Xero is that the broader our message becomes, the more business this drives to those who are really on-board.

12:30 update… Conversion session.
Tim Wright takes the stage to run everyone through converting from legacy systems to Xero. Depending on the complexity of the original file, the conversion process can be a little daunting. In this session, Tim demonstrates the best manner in which to conduct the conversion, and breaks it down as simply as possible.

Wayne providing some last minute advice to Tim!

11:55 update… Everyone at lunch.
Numbers are building toward the partner update this afternoon. Perhaps everyone arrives for a free lunch! One of the great things about the roadshow is the involvement of our add-on partners. The fantastic support of the likes of HubOne, Click 2 Convert, Shoeboxed, Sharesight, LodgeIT, Workforce Guardian and Fathom HQ really add to the value of the day for attendees. Our add-on partners round out the Xero solution beautifully.

David from HubOne in full flight.

11:05 first entry for the day…
We’re thrilled by the turn out today at the Melbourne leg of our national roadshow. The show of support and interest in Xero in Australia now is unprecedented. The team is absolutely run off our feet already, and we enjoy it immensely!

This morning saw Wayne conduct his introduction session which gives all those new comers to Xero a quick overview of all of the fantastic features of the product, with a particular emphasis on all the benefits of operating your accounting in the cloud.

Wayne Schmidt

Right now Joe Salvati is wowing the audience with his unique Chicago style of presentation. He even made sure everyone cheered his entry because his Mum thought he’d never make it! Fantastic stuff.


More updates to come…


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Leo di battista
1 March 2012 #

Great event with bigger and better opportunities for all.

Keep rolling out those updates and continue to lead the industry.

Jon Griffin
1 March 2012 #

To Wayne & The Xero Team,

Thank you, right product, right price, right time.


Jon Griffin

Peter Morgan
2 March 2012 #

Great event followed up by listening to the Xero podcast in the car on the way home on the itrip. Keep riding that technology wave guys, clients facing tough times need the efficiency gains.

Maureen Hipwood
5 March 2012 #

What a great event. I attended Brisbane event and was amazed at the number of attendees. Great news on Payroll and other great things going forward. We are converting many clients to Xero. Visit us at and find out more.
Thanks Wayne for your usual high energy fantastic presentations.

Ellyn Ompoc
6 March 2012 #

A few of us went to the Brisbane event. The enthusiasm was contagious – fist pumping excited. We’re all excited to see what the next few months holds. Great job guys!!

Team @ Rush & Associates (

Kym Cockfield
6 March 2012 #

Loved the roadshow – so much helpful information and so exciting to see the industry moving forward with the times!

We love using technology to help our clients become more efficient, so keep it coming :) – visit us at

Darren Jones
20 March 2012 #

Was a great day in Brisbane guys. I have been working in the cloud technology industry since 2003 and now taking that experience back with me as I re-enter the bookkeeping world … glad Xero came along as you wouldn’t want to be waiting for those other 2 big players to get serious about the cloud. Xero is now my system of choice for those who want to work with us … most clients already seeing it as a no-brainer.

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