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Meet the Rackspace team

Posted 6 years ago in Tech by Paul Rushworth
Posted by Paul Rushworth

Our super duper hosting providers Rackpace are visiting us in Wellington, NZ in a few weeks and we figured there might be lots of other companies who would like to meet them while they’re here.

So if you’re keen, bring your lunch along to Spectrum Theatre on 1 March for a ‘what’s going on in the world of hosting’ from Rackspace and hear the Xero Operations team relay our experience. There’ll also be plenty of Q&A time to talk cloud, data sovereignty and all those great hosting issues.

Register here for your place – it’s free.


Gayle Buchanan
February 17, 2012 at 2.27 pm

Wow, thanks for the invite – drat! won’t be here – will forward on to Wgtn buddie though

Mark Randall
February 17, 2012 at 5.07 pm

Really looking forward to it Paul – thank you for organizing this. We now deliver Fanatical Support to over 4,000 local Australian & New Zealand clients – primarily supported by our Sydney-based team of Sales, Support and Technical “Rackers”.

Our support is 24x7x365 and has won awards worldwide for service excellence, with local customers including ANZ Bank, Webjet, Lonely Planet, Rio Tinto, Pacific Brands, Terry White, Kogan and Tourism Queensland (as well as Xero of course!)

Robbie Dellow
February 18, 2012 at 2.28 am

I have still not had an adequate response to my questions as below. As a shareholder, whilst I appreciate the continual functionality questions I am equally interested in the key areas of security of sensitive data.
I am familiar with Rackspace and are most interested in the very important security role they play with Xero, hence these questions :
I remember reading in a past Xero blog about contingency planning. Xero scheduled to set up additional servers in a different data centre to Rackspace and run as a live site. Has this been done and to what level has this been done? Is this ‘backup’ datacenter in the same city/state/country as currently housed Xero servers? What access do Rackspace staff have to this site or is this accessed by independent personnel.
With regards to a business customers records and the ‘user access’ he can permission. I note from your accounting-software/security/ area on your website that it details, under System Security, that ‘you’ as presumably the Director or named Xero administrator, can give access to your accountant or whoever you choose, access. Does this feature, which is obviously wide ranging implications, have a secondary approval option, whereby another Director also needs to approve same access? Does this also have a event logging feature?
Would love to attend the early March meeting and have a good chat with Rackspace, but overseas commitments make this impossible at this stage.

Paul Rushworth
February 18, 2012 at 2.44 pm

Hi Robbie,
Apologies for any of your earlier questions not being fully covered.

We maintain a continuous data back-up from our production servers in Dallas to a second Rackspace facility on the other side of the US in Chicago. This ‘data protection’ site provides the database servers and production data set key to any secondary back-up site recovery. As this stage we do not have full set of standby web hosting infrastructure at this site.

This would need to be provisioned in the unlikely event that this site was required to become the primary production site.

We are working towards a plan that caters for multiple active datacenters, with multi-site redundancy.

The Rackspace Server and Database administration team have administration level access our servers at both location. All server access and administration activities are fully logged.

With regards to user access, the user who sets up a company or organisation on the Xero service is given the default ‘Standard’ user role and has by default the ability to manage other users. This ‘manage user’ option can be turned off or on for this or any other user in that organisation. Read more about this in our Help Centre There are event logs for manage user activities and all users can see a list of other users invited into the same organisation and their associated system user roles at any time. There is is no secondary approval for inviting a new user and this hasn’t shown to be a requirement in the context of our small business customers.

Andy Prow
February 19, 2012 at 10.22 am

Excellent – thanks for the invite!
No way we’re missing an opportunity to grill the RackSpace team in person with a ton of questions – cloud-hosting, data-protection, data-sovereignty, USA Patriot Act…

And what a great opportunity to impress our US friends with some Kiwi hospitality and open their eyes a little more to the amazing NZ ingenuity and businesses we have down here!
Aura’s RedEye ( performs security monitoring of Xero’s websites EVERY DAY at RackSpace – but I think they have a few more customers who don’t. Yet…

Mike Block CPA
May 14, 2012 at 5.18 am

The Xero – Rackspace Global Platform graphic is the best reliability indicator I saw in 50 years of heavy computer use. With near-continuous backups, scheduled availability closely approaches 100%. The contrast between this and QuickBooks Online, Intuit Bill Pay and other Intuit services and support is especially striking. Only recently did Intuit add a second data center, to the one in earthquake country. However, even after that, some Intuit programs and services were down for LONG unscheduled periods.

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