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As a tech company our developers get their time in the sun talking about Sencha, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails…and I’ll admit it’s all very cool.

But I hang out with accountants. Quite a lot actually given I’m not one myself. So my version of ‘geeking out’ was discovering industry legend Paul Dunn was going to be in Australia.

Since writing software with Hewlett Packard for the accounting profession back in 1972 and creating the Accountants’ Bootcamp in 1992, Paul has spent years advising and inspiring the industry. He also co-authored the modern accountant’s bible – The Firm of the Future. These days his B1G1 initiative is gaining momentum, giving business owners and their customers a way to give back.

So the call went out, the Aussie team rallied, and we tracked Paul down at a noisy cafe in Melbourne to talk about the future of the profession.


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Paul Dunn
14 February 2012 #

Way to go! And thank you.

Matt Allen
14 February 2012 #

Wait, Rails?

I though you guys were a .NET shop?



Michael Schlederer
15 February 2012 #

Fantastic advice and not just for accountants.

Thanks for sharing!

Ronan Quirke
15 February 2012 #

@Matt we use Rails in elements of dev/testing and there is a Rails API library that we contribute to, but the application is .NET based – we like to mix and match!

18 February 2012 #

love the idea of B1G1!

Rob McKilliam
21 March 2012 #

Paul Dunn – you are as insightful and as inspiring as always.

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