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Streamtime and Xero

Having been subjected to some pretty awful software when working at agencies myself, I am a little jealous of people who get to use Streamtime. This studio management software and new Xero add-on Partner takes care of CRM, resource planning, time sheets, quoting and calendars – all in a beautiful interface.

Streamtime and Xero

Integrating Streamtime with Xero lets creatives track what’s important. You can keep notes of your first contact with a lead, manage projects to make sure they’re delivered on time, then send and account for the client’s bill when the job is finished. It’s a true end-to-end solution.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, there’s a Streamtime app for both devices.

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24 January 2012 #

Love the interface!


Aaron Green
24 January 2012 #

Thanks for the blog post Ronan, I should add that although our team is based where our clients are in Australia, England and Belgium we like Xero are a proud kiwi owned company and winners of numerous NZ export awards over the years.

Rhys Roberts
25 January 2012 #

Having just set up on Xero a client who uses Streamtime, I have to say the integration was a joy. Once we finalised the configuration – which was easy – we pushed through several hundred invoices without a single hitch in a matter of minutes. The same process on their previous accounting system had fallen over every single month! Starting another one in a few weeks, hoping it goes as smoothly.

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