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Wow! We scored some major negative feedback recently about some of our guest posts. Who’d have thought our followers would be so passionate about the blog.

Lance even posted about it.

We were trying to do two things:

  1. Have some non Xeroes create helpful content for small business owners, especially the non tech savvy.
  2. Have established international writers create Xero sponsored content on other sites to drive link traffic back to us.

We learned that:

  1. Having others outside of the Xero community writing our blog turns some of our followers off. (We acknowledge there were posts that did generate a huge amount of positive feedback).
  2. The guest posts didn’t generate significant traffic back from other sites.

So lesson learned.

We love that our community gives us such candid feedback and we appreciate you taking the time to talk to us.


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Ben Kepes
12 January 2012 #

Kudos for admitting the strategy was wrong guys, nice to see that normal service will now resume….

12 January 2012 #

Thanks for listening guys.

12 January 2012 #

“Have established international writers create Xero sponsored content on other sites to drive link traffic back to us.” doesn’t mean that you can’t keep sponsoring writers. Just keep the content on the writer’s blog and link back to Xero. The long term Xero blog readers like me will be blissfully unaware of the non-Xero content.

Lance Wiggs
12 January 2012 #

Nicely done.

Craig Carpenter
12 January 2012 #

Thank you.

Cassandra Scott
12 January 2012 #

Nicely done Xero for listening to the feedback and acknowledging the needs of your audience. Now if we could only get MYOB to cease and desist with the useless drivel in their blogs, and instead put more of their resources into resolving and communicating more broadly on the issues associated with their AcoountRight debacle………

Michael ‘MC’ Carter
13 January 2012 #

A fascinating little case study on content-driven marketing. Well done for being so transparent regarding the strategy and the results. As per @Stu’s comment, you don’t have to abandon all elements of the strategy. Different ways to skin that cat re ‘curating content’ that you think will appeal to your readers. Great key message here though: Stay on a conversation that is closer to your core. Great lessons for all.

Denis Breen
13 January 2012 #

You might think about putting the Blog link on the Login page also. This is the page most of my clients see and most don’t know there is a blog.

13 January 2012 #

It would be interesting to know what “some of our followers were put off” means in terms of metrics. I liked the idea of guest bloggers and even though I didn’t always like the topics I always thought that perhaps someone else might benefit from them! But perhaps less guest blogs and more considered topics would have assisted???

13 January 2012 #

Thanks for re-focusing on your own, useful, core message – which is what we click here for.

Kelvin Hartnall
17 January 2012 #

Excellent decision. One of the things that I think is vitally important for Xero is building trust with the community; the community of accountants and business owners are entrusting Xero with their valuable and private data. I’ve been impressed over the years with the way Xero operates with core values of honesty and transparency. And I think this blog post is consistent with this: you have been directly honest and transparent about your intentions and what you have learnt. So I am heartened by your response and decision. Thanks for listening to us!

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