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Sniper release

Over the last few months we’ve formed a new team that we’ve called the Sniper Team – and today’s release is a great example of their work.

The Snipers

Left to right: Vicky, Ming, Simon, Hannah (Uli was on assignment and missed photo shoot)

While the rest of the team work on larger headline features, the Sniper team are focused on taking aim at smaller enhancements and fixes.

And it’s amazing how big the impact can be. Take a look at what the team’s been up to.

  • Xero will now remember the sort order on the accounts receivables/payables screens
  • The total amount due/owed of selected invoices will now display
  • Two new reports – customer and supplier invoice summaries
  • Budget manager updates – fixed column headings, row totals and full screen support
  • Bank rules allow matching on any field
  • There’s the option to register an asset and add another one immediately after

And the rest of the team worked on a couple of things too:

  • Two new partner feeds for CRT Co-operative and Bartercard (NZ)
  • Report Pack updates for New Zealand accountants

Now we know that one man’s sniper rifle is another man’s bazooka, but if you’ve got a small feature you’d love to see, let us know.


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Wayde Christie
19 December 2011 #

I’d really like to be able to search invoice descriptions, and/or have them displayed on the overview screen.

Matt Allen
19 December 2011 #

I’d love to see rules that can be used to transfer cash between internal accounts.


Glen Barnes
19 December 2011 #

Nice work. We run weekly bug squashing days (small features, bugs, etc.) at and it is a great way to keep on top of the small things. My one criticism of Xero is that you have neglected a _lot_ of small usability improvements since launch so hopefully this team will get things sorted.

19 December 2011 #

nice work Sniper team!!


19 December 2011 #

Hi I would really like to see the total column on reports being the 1st column and then the month break downs

Lance Wiggs
19 December 2011 #

button when going through and coding expenses that have been sent from personal account.

19 December 2011 #

A note on the Budget Manager, it seems the months and the accounts code rows get out of sync when you scroll down, at least on Firefox 3.6.24. Happens on both full screen and standard view.

Small thing to add, ability to add rows in the middle of Journals and invoices, not just at the bottom.

Andrew Tokeley
19 December 2011 #

Thanks for the suggestions people.

@Wayde – agree this would be nice. The main consideration here is that it is likely to slow down searches considerably. Have asked the team to investigate if there’s a way around this.

@Matt – one way to approach this is to create two bank rules. Create a spend money rule that runs against the bank account you’re transferring from – code this to a suspense account. Then on the other bank account create a receive money and code this to the same suspense account. One benefit to this approach is that you can use tracking – something that’s not possible with a standard transfer.

Ivan Alvarez, MBA, CPA
19 December 2011 #

Integration with would allow me to finally switch from Quickly-blundered-books.

Job costing? I have a few construction contractors that love the Xero concept, but Xero lacks job costing.

19 December 2011 #

Bullseye! After 2 years entering Bartercard manually I look forward to auto-magic feeds.

What I’d like to see now is the ability to create rules to charge late payment fees. If clients treat us like banks we should be able to charge like them!

Darren Grayson
19 December 2011 #

@Wayde/Andrew – An invoice description search would be very useful. Very often you know which contact you want to search against, so having this as an option from the contact overview would still be very useful, without Xero having to search all invoices for all contacts.

Alternatively, just being able to see invoice line details in a on-hover call-out would be useful, as it would save you having to click through to each invoice on a report to see what was on it.

Another small personalisation feature that I think is sorely missed is email signatures. It’s a pain having to paste an email signature into the message window each time we send out an invoice. In the UK it’s the law that a company provides a certain amount of contact/registration information in an email sig, so it’s important this is always done.

James R
20 December 2011 #

1) On every contact there is a nice little ‘activity over the last 12 months’ summary graph. I would like to have something similar available when looking at any account in the chart of accounts.
2) On the dashboard there is a ‘money in’ and ‘money out’ graph. I would also like to see ‘total revenue’ and ‘total GP and NP’ graphs for the last 12 months on the dashboard.

Basically I like graphs.

20 December 2011 #

In any cell where I enter a number I would love to be able to enter some basic maths instead. eg. 100+200 and when I tab out of the cell it replaces it with 300. It wouldn’t even need to remember the formula.

20 December 2011 #

I have to manually import my bank statements as a CSV file. There is no balance line in a CSV import, just the transactions, so it is possible for the bank account and Xero to get out of sync. I check the bank “Statement Balance” in Xero against the bank’s statement each time. Please could the “most recent transaction” line on the Bank Statement Import screen also include the statement balance?

20 December 2011 #

Just doing my bank rec and have received an international payment with a deduction of £12 bank charges, so it doesn’t match the invoice. I can add an adjustment, but could sensible options be pre filled in the boxes? Or the same as last time – it being a monthly invoice.

20 December 2011 #

Great idea to have a team working on small issues. Here’s my wishlist :-)

* allow me to set the timeout before I get logged off!

* the popups that hold bank accounts (eg transfer money screen) aren’t big enough to display the whole bank account name – can you make them bigger?!

* allow me to set up payment terms for each supplier to automatically populate the due date

* a running balance column on the bank account transaction screen

* show more than 5 items in the “My Xero” menu – with lots of companies the ones I last looked at are usually the *least* likely to be the ones I want to look at next. There’s plenty of room for a longer list!



Richard B
20 December 2011 #

being able to search Chart of Accounts would be very useful! Sometimes we just can’t remember which account a transaction should go against. Search should be against both Name and Description.

Richard B
20 December 2011 #

#2: When I’m creating an invoice, it would be very handy to be able to insert lines as well as add them to the end.
I’m creating a large invoice at the moment, with many lines. I left some blank ones on purpose so that I could fill them in later. Only thing was, once I’d saved and returned to the invoice, the blank lines were gone!
So to insert anything now, I have to do a load of copying and pasting, which is pretty painful.

Andrew Tokeley
20 December 2011 #

Well I did ask ;-)

Good to see that some of the ideas you’re coming up with are already on our list – and some other nice quick wins too. Will see what we can do over the coming months.

@Ivan – while integrating with would probably not fall under a Sniper’s sights (I like your confidence though), we are actively investigating integration with them along with other other bill payment service options.

@Littlehead – you’re right, we have identified an issue with accounts not lining up with budgets in Firefox and IE. It appears to be OK in Chrome and Safari – we’re looking into it now… I’d also strongly recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Firefox which contains a number of security and performance improvements.

Glennis Stuckey
20 December 2011 #

I would like to search all bank accounts in one go – resulting with the transaction showing as normal, but also which account it is in. When we have a director with a few too many accounts, like multiple cheques, and credit cards, it can take a while to find where they did or if they didn’t pay for a random receipt.

20 December 2011 #

Here’s an easy one – when reviewing an invoice for approval, a drop down link on the Aprove button for “Approve and review next invoice”.

20 December 2011 #

One word. NESTING. The UI should have nesting.

Also rearranging invoice line items. How is that not a priority? Fix that. We don’t care about new reports. Just let us rearrange line items on receivable invoices.

21 December 2011 #

* Signatures – Yes please
* Fast cash coding system on invoice creation page, ie allow you to quickly set every line the same account code etc.
* Reorganise invoice line items
* Inventory items don’t allow you to preset tracking categories for that inventory item. Would be very useful.
* In the approved invoice screen, when clicking “Add address” for a customer, you don’t get the “Find Address” auto lookup option. Have to go into the contact, then edit.

Gayle Buchanan
21 December 2011 #

high 5 team, gratful for any enhancements you come up with to improve an already incredible piece of software (of course the fact that these updates are free if bloody marvellous) – have a merry merry xmas and thanks again

21 December 2011 #

when making payments to suppliers, to be able to send a remittance from xero would be awesome!

22 December 2011 #

“The total amount due/owed of selected invoices will now display”

Yes it does but the sum is shown in the base currency. Most of our invoices are in a foreign currency, and it would be good to see the sum in that currency, otherwise the function is useless for me.

Richard B
22 December 2011 #

@Jack hadn’t thought of it that way – being able to reorganise invoice line items would cover our requests too

22 December 2011 #

Because it is convenient I enter details for lots of expenditure as spend money transactions directly in the Bank Rec. I would love a check box which allowed me to create a matching (paid) accounts payable invoice on the fly.

23 December 2011 #

One more wish list item: When entering an invoice, show a confirmation dialog if the contact name entered does not match an existing contact. We have instances of duplicate contacts being created with misspellings or variations of an existing contact name, because Xero doesn’t warn you that it’s going to create a new contact.

Thank god we have the option to merge them back together later!

23 December 2011 #

The ability to add new lines in an invoice at a location other than the bottom of the invoice. ie. the order of items listed on the invoice is important for us, if we have to add an item subsequently, we have to delete previous lines until we get to the desired location to add the new item, then re-enter the items we have just deleted. (that probably doesnt make sence?)

23 December 2011 #

I guess I could have copied @Jack comment “Reorganise invoice line items”

Robert Burdett
23 December 2011 #

After wasting hours today unreconciling transactions and re-doing it as per the suppliers statement for my year end. I would love to know why I can’t produce a simple statement as I can with customers to compare to what my supplier has ?!

23 December 2011 #

Would really like to be able to do a “search by name report” in the description field of imported bank transactions. With Westpac business banking I use the “multiple payee” feature which allows a single statement entry for multiple payees. Cuts down on statement lines and therefore bank fees. Unfortunately individual payees are a bit hard to track down in Xero after they have been entered manually in the individual description field of the transaction.

David Kime
23 December 2011 #

Just a quick one – the ability to turn off/hide the money in or expenses sections on dashboard if they are not used. For example a pub with a cash till will never have a debtors ledger but it is at the top on the dashboard. Maybe a bit OCD (actually cdo if you put them in correct alphabetical order :-))

Jeff Nutbeem
23 December 2011 #

Some very very simple and basic things
– remittance advices emailed from the system which are actually remittance advices, not invoices..
– batch supplier payments so you don’t have to use a calculator…?
– separate email for sending from the system
– batch customer receipts
– and yes, ability to reorganise invoice lines

I have to say that four weeks in I am currently bitterly disappointed with my decision to use Xero. It imports bank statements and reconciles well, but that is about it.

23 December 2011 #

Supplier Statements would be fantastic, keep up the good work

4 January 2012 #

Just doing a bank rec… How about:

– If a match is suggested and I click on ’57 other possible matches found’ it stands to reason the wrong match was selected. Can it be deselected at that point so I don’t have to manually.

– in “find and select matching transactions” each line item has a check box, which is a small click target. Clicking the rest of the line does nothing. Could clicking anywhere in a line select/deselect it?

– in Find & Match could the search boxes work like Google does now – search as you type?

4 January 2012 #

Sorry to keep adding little requests, but as I try to do things and they don’t work it seems good to tell you!

– In a report some transaction types are obvious – e.g. PAY. But a mouseover popup confirming them would be useful for some of the types – APP for example.

5 January 2012 #

Nice to have the ability to scan supplier invoices and upload them on to the entry screen.

How was it that no-one thought it necessary to do that with credit notes as well?

8 January 2012 #

Another one!

– When shortcut entering a date in the due date field (in this case on a purchase invoice) could +15, +30 etc enter a date 15 or 30 dates on from the invoice date, not from today’s date?

Rod Drury
8 January 2012 #

@Nigel or others, what syntax would you suggest for the date shortcut?

9 January 2012 #

I am really missing not being able to export an Aged Payables or Receivables Report with figures in the currency they were actually invoiced in.

And how about some AMEX NZ credit card feeds.

10 January 2012 #

Good to see you read this Rod. Amending slightly the existing shortcuts on how about this:

[no data entered]

days in the future:
+[n], for n days in the future

weeks, months and years in the future:
+[n] w/m/y (eg +1m)
next w/m/y for one week/month/year
also accept week, month or year spelt in full whenever w, m or y are used.

Incrementing from invoice date rather than todays date:
as above but preceded by “i+”, eg i+14 for 14 days after invoice date; or i+1m for one month after invoice date.

Dates in past as above, but negative.

full dates:
any reasonable day-month or day-month-year combination that Excel would understand (as per regional norms.)
year to default to current year if not set (perhaps not in January, when I enter dates for this December by mistake!)

simple dates:
just entering n defaults to n’th day of current month.

Date shortcuts to be visible when mousing over a date entry field, or maybe an (i) nearby.

James R
11 January 2012 #

It would be good if Bank reconciliation remembered the association between a payee and a contact for its suggested matches. At the moment it only looks for amount and reference. Lots of our repeated invoices are for the same amount and some of our customers don’t use the reference field so we’re often getting suggested matches from the wrong contact. Once we’ve manually found the matching invoice it would be nice if Xero remembered that Payee-Contact match for the next time.

Michael Mori
11 January 2012 #

I agree with Nigel 8th Jan, – When shortcut entering a date in the due date field, could +15, +30 etc enter a date 15 or 30 dates on from the invoice date, not from today’s date?
I also agree with John 20th Dec. – * allow me to set up payment terms for each supplier to automatically populate the due date.

These 2 SMALL things will go a long way to reduce input frustrations EVERY time we enter invoices, receivables and payables. As Glen Barnes says, 19th Dec, My one criticism of Xero is that you have neglected a _lot_ of small usability improvements since launch…. These SMALL issues spoil the package that is really brilliant and makes people like Jeff frustrated – the Big Book says “Catch the foxes for us, the little foxes that spoil the vineyards, for our vineyards are in blossom.”

Charles Klvana
13 January 2012 #

A quick & easy new audit report. We already have the GL exceptions report that pulls up transactions with a different GST code than the default.

But what about an audit report that pulls up supplier/card transactions that have a different GST code than the default entered on the card?

IE I have clients entering GoogleAdwords to Advertising with a GST on Expenses code, and the default on Advertising is GST on Expenses, HOWEVER the default GST code for Google is NO GST. This discrepancy doesn’t show up on any audit reports, because the transaction matches the default on the expense account. BUT it doesn’t match the default on the CARD!

Yes, I know you could add a new expense account like Advertising – International, but who wants a huge long chart of accounts with some double ups just to account for International and domestic costs?!?

Glen Barnes
21 January 2012 #

Any chance you can set this wish list up on user voice or something similar instead of having one massive list attached to a blog post? It would be good to get visibility into what you are actually working on instead of eternally hoping that you will fix things….

22 January 2012 #

@Glen – we’re currently investigating a way to manage and display this on our community site for Xero Business that we’re developing.

8 February 2012 #

Great to see that some focus is going onto the little things. A couple of quick fixes for me would be:
– ability to apply the remaining amount when splitting transactions or entering multiple invoice items
– back to drafts button when you have approved an invoice
– ability to match several bank statement lines with one invoice

11 February 2012 #

Here’s another… Improve email sending. Make the email sending window resizable – or at least grow when it is full. Does it have to block the whole screen? Sometimes I want to reference the customer account whilst sending them an invoice.
Can I have a default outgoing email address please? e.g. accounts@…

20 February 2012 #

Those asking for reordering/inserting invoice line items will be thrilled to see this released today – here’s how to drag invoice line items and for all the other goodies in the release (discounts, NZ report packs, community, search tweaks) check out the release notes!

Tina Kaye
20 February 2012 #

So many good ones in this list! I just had to repeat my favourite quick request from Glennis – this would make life so much easier ;)

I would like to search all bank accounts in one go – resulting with the transaction showing as normal, but also which account it is in. When we have a director with a few too many accounts, like multiple cheques, and credit cards, it can take a while to find where they did or if they didn’t pay for a random receipt.

20 February 2012 #

We’d like Xero to automatically (or at least have the option to) store the message as part of the invoice and customer notes when sending out invoices via email.

Currently if we want to keep a record of what has been said in the message bit we have to “Send a copy to ourselves”.

30 March 2012 #

I’ve just entered an accounts payable invoice. In the green blob is a link “add another invoice”. The quickest way to enter similar invoices is to copy the one you’ve just entered, so a “copy this invoice” link would be useful too.

Also I just messed up a line item in my reconciliation, and then had to go find it in the bank account to edit it. Can the bank rec have an “undo” button, or a “go to last transaction” or a clickable list of the last few bank account entries created?

5 April 2012 #

It would be great to be able to add interest and/or late payment charges via the debtors module. At the moment if a debtor is overdue we need to raise a new invoice to charge the customer interest or late payment fees.

8 June 2012 #

Please update the format of the Sales Tax Audit Report to include: a separate column for Contact and TIN Number of the contact. This would make it easy for us to file VAT returns from a Xero excel export. Currently we have to manually add the Contact (because it is combined with the description of the sale or purchase) and the TIN number which is stored in the contacts.

Ray Strong QSM.
10 June 2012 #

I am thinking of becoming a new subscriber. I am not sure if this package has the capacity to make a packing slip generted from the invoice?
Look forward to your comment.


Andrew Tokeley
12 June 2012 #

@Ray – you certainly can, have a look at

Mark Lawton
17 September 2012 #

One great addition that would have huge impact would be adding an invoice# field to accounts payable invoices so it would replicate accounts receivable invoices. You could then use these reference fields to put a job # against and you have then got a simple job costing system!

Colin Hewitt
27 March 2013 #

+1 on setting a timeout on the log out – i’m always frustrated having to re log in to xero. I’d like to change it to a few hours.

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