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NZ tax toolbox app

We always get a kick out of Xero Partners getting innovative with technology. It’s something we’ve come to expect from developers, but it’s less common among accountants.

So it was great to see Brad Golchin of Wise Advice launch a tax app that can help New Zealand businesses avoid late tax payment penalties and wrong calculations. Brad claims the Tax Toolbox is the only iPhone app in the NZ market which offers GST, PAYE and income tax calculators, plus due date reminders for each.

The app took seven months from concept to launch and is described by Brad as a “good learning experience”.

He recommends the free app to all NZ iPhone owners who have a business interest and need information on the move. “It’s also a great tool to have at your fingertips when interviewing prospective employees or talking pay rises with existing staff or changing tax codes and working out the financial implications on your business.”

Brad’s already planning the next app – an Android version of the same.

The Tax Toolbox is available to download from the iTunes App Store. Judging by the comments it’s already hit.


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Priyadarshan Joshi
12 September 2012 #

Here’s the link to the Android App:

Tax Toolbox (Android) App

5 October 2013 #

A really good accurate tool for my work, especially when I’m away from my computer

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