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Developer update — receipts and expense claims

Our latest release lets you enter receipts and expense claims via the Xero API.

This is a much sought after feature which allows you to enter data in Xero through receipts instead of accounts payable invoices, where appropriate. You can specify that receipts have been received from a particular user, attach files and then make the receipt part of an expense claim.

We’ve also added some improved error messages and error handling where we found this needed a nudge.

Finally, we have a new Australian Activity Summary Report.

Check out our full release notes here.

Coming soon
We’re working on improving response times for requests, and giving you the ability to attach files to Accounts Payable invoices.

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3 February 2012 #

We are currrently struggling with emailing invoices and statements. The process is a pain as we have a spreadsheet of who receives by email and who by post. We then have to select from the list of about 200 – 400 invoices the ones to send by email. It would be sooooooo much better if you could select an option of “clients who receive invoices/statements by emails” and vice versa. Please develop this, it would make my EOM 1/4 of the time :)

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