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Super-connected cities

Posted 7 years ago in Tech by Gary Turner
Posted by Gary Turner

The UK Government’s CFO (George Osborne, full job title Chancellor of the Exchequer) today announced some interesting proposals around designating ten UK cities as internet broadband mega-cities, which will guarantee 80-100 megabits per second wired connections as well as citywide high speed mobile connectivity. The UK already has £830M set aside in this parliament for broadband improvements, the extra £100M almost rounds the UK up to a neat £1Bn investment in improving internet communications.

Personally, I’d just be grateful to be out of the single digits – my home broadband has actually gotten slower, not faster, in the five or so years I’ve had it – and today it crawls along barely above one megabit like some snail on Mogadon.

I’m not sure if it exists, but I’d love to see a chart showing various countries GDP stats and along with their average national broadband speed – if there isn’t a correlation, I imagine there soon will be.

Update (from Rod)
Gary I couldn’t resist posting my speed test result from my shed in the colonies.

Unfortunately in New Zealand our international connections let us down so Fibre to the Home doesn’t feel any faster than good ADSL+.

(UK people wanting to experience fibre and mountain biking after work we do have jobs available in NZ


The Mac Man
November 30, 2011 at 9.07 am

Paul. Take a look here for Global speed test results… Very interesting.

Rod Drury Xero
November 30, 2011 at 10.12 am

Gary, updated with my speed test from my work shed out the back of the house. Couldn’t resist.

Berend de Boer
November 30, 2011 at 12.47 pm

Gary, when I arrived here in NZ broadband and cost wasn’t so bad. There was a lot of competition. Caps were lifted frequently and speeds went up. Then in 2007 National announced their Fibre to Home strategy, and the place went quiet. Everyone was waiting to see what the government was doing.

That took very long. It’s only now, about 2011 that things started moving again a bit. My Vodafone cap is 120GB. I’m sure I would have had VDSL by now without the fibre to the home initiative. And no, no fibre to my home yet (heart of Manukau City).

My pings are 18ms; download 16.3Mbps; upload 0.93Mbps. So you can get reasonably good broadband in NZ.

How’s your 3G? Might actually be better!

Gary Turner in reply to Berend de Boer Xero
December 1, 2011 at 12.53 am

@Rod Thanks for appending that, very helpful.

It’s worth pointing out that it’s not the case that the whole UK has broadband as bad as mine, in most cities you’ll easily get high into the double figures. But there are still situations where if you’re on the outskirts or in rural areas, you will struggle which is why upgrading from copper wire and investing in better mobile connectivity is important.

December 1, 2011 at 7.45 am

When I first got ADSL max (BT’s up to 8mbit stuff) I always got the full 8mbit but it slowly got worse until it hit about 3mbit when I started to look into it.

I eventually replaced the modem with a spare I got from somewhere and it immediately went back up to 8mbit. I don’t know if the first modem was broken or if the second modem (which is actually an ADSL2 modem) is better able to cope with my degrading line quality.

I used to have 10mbit down / 1 mbit up from NTL almost 10 years ago. I miss living in a cable area.

December 1, 2011 at 10.31 am

Rod, maybe your router is letting you down a smigin. We’re also on FX and we get 93-95Mbps download to the same server.

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