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SenchaCon 2011 in Texas

I’m a front-end developer. If you’re scratching your head wondering what that means, you’re not alone. When I tell my family what I do to earn a living they say, “That’s nice dear,” and then they talk about how the lawn needs to be mowed.

Simply put, as a front-end developer I build the bits of Xero that are beautiful and fun to use.

There are products available to me to make my job easier. At Xero we use tools built by Sencha, a company that exclusively creates frameworks for developers. When you open a menu, reconcile a statement line or touch your way through invoices on your iPhone, that’s all written by someone like me using products made by Sencha.

Last week I attended SenchaCon 2011 in Texas with Craig Walker, our CTO. I was there as a sponge and he was there as a speaker. There aren’t many front-end developers in New Zealand, so it was great opportunity to meet my peers and take a look at the applications they’ve written.

Can you imagine 600+ front-end developers in a room together, looking at JavaScript and erupting in applause when new components and methods are showcased? Sounds like a nightmare? You’re probably right, to but me it was heaven on a deep-fried stick of butter.

During the keynote speech the CEO of Sencha highlighted Xero as a remarkable company, which made us chuffed. Afterwards they had some big announcements, for example Sencha received $15 million in funding to grow their company and further develop their products.

Have you ever thought, “I wonder what an application would be like if the server was written in JavaScript?” If you have, you’re either weird or daring, depending on your background. That was the topic of Craig’s first talk at the conference. He built a server made of node.js and Ext JS, one of Sencha’s products. With a room full of geeks who love working with JavaScript anyways, it was like icing on the cake.

His second talk was a showcase of Xero and how we use Sencha to build our products. The developers actually clapped during the presentation because they were so impressed. Even in New Zealand, which is a small country far from the hubbub of the American and European development communities, we can be on the forefront of using these tools to produce beautiful software.

SenchaCon was excellent and I’m excited about all the new stuff they’re releasing. Not only are we at Xero continuously perfecting our service with new features and interface enhancements, the tools made by Sencha that we use to build Xero, are also improving every year.

That’s all good news for you, because managing your finances will only get easier and better.

Anyone who loves Sencha as much as we do and is smart and keen to have a play, we’d love to work with you. Check out our careers page.

Photos from nilsdehl


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3 November 2011 #

Just started getting into Sencha for iphone versions of websites, very cool

Jeffrey Wegesin
3 November 2011 #

Sencha is great, you should play with Sencha Touch 2 when they release it. There are some big performance improvements coming

10 February 2012 #

Are there controls that you found lacking and had to create your own control? If so, how hard is it to extend their controls?

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