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Xero wins first K2 Quality award for SaaS

Nice message from our friends at K2 this morning that Xero was one of the winners in their annual Quality Awards.

K2 Enterprises CEO, Val Steed, announced five new categories this year. “The SaaS category of solutions really deserves dedicated recognition and we now have that. We don’t want to add too many awards but the whole world of accounting technology solutions is evolving rapidly and we want to recognize those who are doing a great job.”

Already we’re getting to know many of our peers in the US accounting industry so congratulations to them as well. We’re thrilled that SaaS is making an impact on the industry.

We’re making good progress in the USA. We’re working hard on US specific features to release before pushing hard but customers are rolling in everyday.

We look forward to catching up with everyone in Las Vegas in November.

You can see the full list of winners here: 2011 K2 Enterprises 10th Annual Quality Awards


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Shawn Smith
30 September 2011 #

Congrats! But really, no surprises there…

Gayle Buchanan
2 October 2011 #

congrats and ditto shawn (well done x!)

Chris Marr
4 October 2011 #

Good work. Well deserved award.

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