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Tech·Ed 2011

While we strive hard to make Xero as platform agnostic as possible we make no secret of that fact that our systems are generally powered by Microsoft Technology and as such it’s invaluable to get to Tech·Ed and speak to people involved in developing Microsoft’s platforms and toolkits. It’s also important from a personal view to make sure we’re helping push the technologies that really matter.

I was asked to speak again this year at the event in Auckland, New Zealand. My talk was around HTML5 and trying to showcase the true power HTML will have, and already does have, as the specification matures. It’s a great talk to give (and one I actually borrowed from Paul Irish who gave one very similar at WDCNZ) as it’s full of some great examples and is very inspirational.

For examples of the things I pulled out to showcase check out:

It was interesting to see there were a number of talks on CSS3 and HTML, as well as a focus on the cloud (in their case powered by Azure) like last year and there was also another a big push to Windows Phone 7 (I’ve always loved the Windows Phone 7 UI, but just wish they cared about the browser more).

There wasn’t as much ‘new’ stuff showcased this year (Windows 8 will be shown off at BUILD soon so we’ll have to wait for that) as Microsoft’s a bit between products and .NET is pretty stable at the moment. Nevertheless it’s still a great place to meet people – it’s not often in New Zealand you get 2500 geeks in the same building.


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Jerry Zhao
30 August 2011 #

Great to see what HTML and CSS can do now. I still at the age of h1 h2… Thanks for sharing!

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