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Simple CRM with Highrise

Adding the same contacts to two different systems is time consuming and a hassle. Our new integration with Highrise makes it easier to manage your contacts in both systems.

Highrise is a CRM by cloud solutions provider 37signals. Many of our customers manage their contacts with Highrise, so it made sense for us to connect the two systems by building a free integration.

The integration imports every contact under a tag of your choice into Xero.  Then it updates those contacts four times a day without you lifting a finger.

If you have a specific billing contact in an organisation, the integration will add this information to the organisation’s contact in Xero rather than creating a new contact. This means less time spent searching your contacts for the right person.

It also adds a handy extra link to each contact in Xero. This link takes you to the more-detailed Highrise entry so you can read your email history, contact notes and other important information.

Check it out:

Help Center has more detail on setting up and using your new Highrise integration.


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Heather Smith
16 August 2011 #

I have not been able to replicate something I do in MYOB, in XERO. Maybe you can advise. MYOB has customised letter templates so all of my contracts are customised templates. I fill in the contact information in MYOB, press a button, and voila all the information fills out automatically, I convert the document to a pdf and get the client to sign it.
Do you have any suggestions how this can be done using XERO.
Also I want to add a client ID that is that is 12 digits long – any suggestion where I can add this.

Can this be done in Highrise?

Robin Jennings
16 August 2011 #

Great idea to incorporate Highrise- that was one thing missing from the Xero arsenal.

Highrise is simple CRM that is perfect for small business and freelancers- just like Xero!

Tony Rule
16 August 2011 #

@Heather – consider looking at Alive Docs ( – they offer easy to use mail merge functionality using your Xero contacts.

Highrise supports the ability to add custom fields so you could keep track of your client ID there. Note that Xero doesn’t create an extra field in Xero to store this. There is a convenient link on the Xero contact record though to jump straight to the record in Highrise with this detail.

17 August 2011 #

Congratulations! This is actually a really big feather in your cap.

Based on my last conversation I had with 37signals, you’ve managed to get their contact database talking with another system. They apparently can’t do this across they’re own products.

17 August 2011 #

Hmm this could be usefull for me as i am a freelancer with a big network

Keri Clarke
17 August 2011 #

Awesome! Will you be integrating Xero invoicing with 37 Signal’s Basecamp in the future?

Tony Rule
17 August 2011 #

@Keri – we’re keen to hear your thoughts on how you’d like this to work. Can you please post some comments over on our Uservoice site – you can keep track of progress on this there too –

Amir Sadeh
29 October 2011 #

This integration seems to be one way only? I’m an existing Xero user and envisaged signing up for Highrise and having it populated with my Xero customer data… didn’t work out that way though…

Graeme Leo
29 October 2011 #

We have a link between ACT! CRM that allows the import of Xero customer records to be imported. It is alive link between ACT! CRM and Xero.

Tony Rule
31 October 2011 #

@Amir – yes that’s correct – Xero currently only supports a one way sync from Highrise to Xero. It’s possible to export your Xero contacts to a csv file, remove which contacts you don’t need and import them into Highrise. We have some more details on this here –$Troubleshoot. I suggest you vote for any improvements you’d like to see on our Uservoice site –

Tara HP
13 December 2011 #

Is Xero compatible with other crm’s – such as Civi?

Tony Pizza
20 January 2012 #

@Tara The XERO network seems to extend to FreshBooks Highrise Acclipse Capsule CRM and Salesforce. But I have had no problem getting the data out myself and working with it in other applications as well.

24 February 2012 #

I wish that you could sync the contact data both ways.

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