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While Xero is a global company a big part of our team is still in New Zealand, a small set of rocks in the South Pacific. As a small nation a long way from anywhere else it’s vital that we export to grow our economy.

Our CEO Rod Drury was recently interviewed by on the importance of exporting. He shares some of our experience as an exporter and provides a number of exporting tips for smaller companies, especially those exporting from NZ.

We’d love to hear some of your export stories or any tips you’d like to share.


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Andrew Haynes
4 August 2011 #

My favourite:

“Usually through your Grandmother’s cousin you’ll find someone you can talk to…”

Elijah Paul
5 August 2011 #

Rod mentions ‘Kiwi Mafia’ a few times! I’m sure it’s not what it sounds like, so what does this phrase refer to?

Rod Drury
5 August 2011 #

What would you think it refers to?

“the first rule of fight club is we don’t talk about fight club”

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