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Developer update – Spend and Receive Money

Today we’ve released a bunch of features for developers which you’ve been asking for and which will improve the user experience.

Spend and Receive money transactions can now be entered via the Xero API. This is useful when your application needs to directly enter an income or expense against a bank account rather than an invoice. As part of this work we’re building support for url links (similar to invoices) in Xero to accommodate Spend and Receive money transactions that are entered via the Xero API. You’ll be able to use these hyperlinks after the next Xero product update. Read more detail here.

For those of you who show Xero account code lists in your application, we’ve also made a little update to GET Accounts with the addition of a new “Class” element. This will make it easier to work out which account codes to list in your application. For example all expenses are classed EXPENSE rather than having to deal with ‘expenses’ and ‘overheads’.

And last but not least we now have a new reporting endpoint to fetch details for the New Zealand IR10 report in beta. If you’re interested in using this, get in touch with our API team – we’ll confirm a general release shortly.

See our full release notes here.

Coming soon

Work on uploading receipts and entering expense claims via our API is almost complete. We’re in the final stage of development and testing now, so watch this space.


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Simon Lampen
2 August 2011 #

Fantastic to see the link back url to give 2 way navigation from between Xero and the Source App. Nice work guys, I have been waiting for this. Do you have an example of how this will look in the Xero UI?

Tony Rule
2 August 2011 #

@Simon – the style we’ll be using is identical to invoices so you can have a look by entering an invoice via the API that includes a ‘Url’ element

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