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Update to Report Packs (Feb 20, 2012)


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7 July 2011 #

This is great. We cant wait for the roll out of this.

Gayle Buchanan
7 July 2011 #

High 5 developers – way to help more businesses grow – Well Done

Jono Rees
7 July 2011 #

Will be good to be able complete other types of entities accounts in Xero rather than just Companies.

Adrianna Gebbie
7 July 2011 #

This will completely change how we report. It means we will not need our other reporting programmes to construct our reports, which to be honest are expensive to maintain, and time consuming to run. Can’t wait!

Denis Breen
7 July 2011 #

When is this coming and will it be available in Ireland.

Richard Phillips
8 July 2011 #

@Denis – we’re rolling this out in stages to make sure we cater for the regional variances. We’ll be hitting Ireland as part of our roll to the ‘Global’ region in Xero. While we don’t have hard dates at the moment, we’re already getting the building blocks in place and investigating the legislation and core reports that will guide us.

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