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Demand for Xero keeps growing around the world. Which poses a challenge: in order to keep up with the demand and keep up the quality of our product, we need to grow our team.

So we’ve been working hard on ways to dial up our recruiting efforts. One example is our new careers page, which explains why Xero is such an exceptional place to work.

Our team is very passionate and we want to inspire like-minded people to join us. The careers page not only explains what’s special about working at Xero, it’s also a great example of what makes Xero stand out – exceptional technology and design.

We also want to dispel a few myths about working at Xero:

  • Myth #1: Xero is done, it’s feature complete.
    There’s a misconception we’re finished building the software and now we’re in maintenance mode. That’s absurd. That’s like saying Apple is done, there’s nothing new Apple can do. So far, we’ve just scratched the surface. Look at the state of global financial and business systems. They’re utterly broken. There’s no shortage of opportunities for innovation and disruption. That’s the scale of our vision.
  • Myth #2: Accounting is boring.
    Is money boring? Is business boring? It’s true accounting is definitely painful and boring for people who use miserable accounting software. That’s the big opportunity we’ve seized upon. What if accounting is something people enjoy? How big is that opportunity? How fun is that challenge?
  • Myth #3: Xero isn’t a startup anymore, now it’s a big corporate.
    At last count, Google was 25,000+ employees and growing exponentially. Facebook 2,000+. Xero is still relatively tiny at 120+. We’re no longer working out of a garage (or in our case, a cramped studio apartment). Those early days were fun, having no customers and desperately trying to build something from nothing. Now we have customers all over the world, we see the impact our software is having on hundreds of thousands of people every day. Without a doubt, being in a growth phase is WAY more fun. But we’re still very much the underdog, the challenger, and we still have fire in the belly to change the world.

So please help us get the word out about what we have to offer, or better still – join us.


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Jason M Blumer, CPA.CITP
July 29, 2011 at 5:52 pm

Even your blog posts are designed well! Freakin’ dang LOVE this webpage you designed to pimp Xero, Philip!

I love my work, and I love Xero! {{group hug}} {{fist bump}}

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