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Approved invoices make all the difference

There’ll be a smile on many a developer’s face today when they learn they can now create approved invoices. This has been one of most requested features and is certainly one of the highlights of today’s API release.

Before now you could only enter draft or submitted invoices via our API so this update is particularly useful for e-commerce scenarios where you may want to record a payment against an invoice immediately after creation. Voiding and deleting invoices via our API is now possible too.

In our last release we also introduced the option for more detailed error responses when you enter multiple invoices in a single API call – worth checking out if you’re looking to make your processing faster.

For more details about the release see our release notes and to find out how to set invoice statuses check out our updated API reference.

Coming soon

Entering expense claims via our API is next on the list, so stay tuned for our next update. We’re also really keen to hear what other gaps need our attention so please keep voting on our UserVoice site.


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Nathan Dunn
14 June 2011 #

Great news! This has been a request of many of our customers for a long time.

Nathan Hutchinson
14 June 2011 #

Yay finally!

Wayne Robinson
14 June 2011 #

Great to hear. will be updated within the next 48 hours to reflect these invoice approval changes.

David Barton
14 June 2011 #

Fab news

Mark Shingleton
14 June 2011 #

Guys! This is an awesome update and will certainly enable us to further streamline the invoice creation for our server monitoring customers. Excellent news and thanks so much for listening to our requests.

Steve Orenstein
14 June 2011 #

Great news guys!

15 June 2011 #

Excellent news. This is something our clients have been asking for. Another thing is being able to send receipt/invoice images via the API. Hope that’s next on the agenda ;)

Great work as always!

20 June 2011 #

This is one of the features I’ve been waiting for. Attachments was also something I thought about but never really needed but will totally use. MFA bank feeds in July will also be good.

But when will you guys finally fix the PayPal feeds? I submitted a ticket over a month ago asking if there was any progress on my previous tickets and got no response. I also ran into a problem with the script I’d made as a stand in for the crappy feeds in Xero and had a decent conversation with PayPal Business Support who basically said that their API basically isn’t meant for statements (which is how Xero uses it). So some kind of acrobatics is needed to use the PayPal API with Xero and I doubt any solution will be 100% but as it stands it is completely broken.

Alastair Grigg
22 June 2011 #

Hi Kyle,
Yes, certainly aware that the PayPal API has some limitations with respect to generating automated statement feeds. However, this is the best option available to us right now. The PayPal bank feeds are working ok for most customers, but we do know there are issues particularly with customers who are using PayPal for receiving larger volumes of merchant payments. We are looking at some more signifiant improvements to these feeds, including some of the suggestions you have made earlier through our customer support channel. These are going to require more development and testing over a wider range of transaction data and as a result we don’t expect to release these changes until around the October timeframe.

Apologies for the delayed response to your last email support request. We’ll reply to this shortly.

23 June 2011 #

The feeds are just so impressively broken and yet could be mostly repaired in only an hour, but Xero chooses to spend time adding large new features instead. This is a worrying method and tends to pile up into disaster after a while.

I don’t think the PayPal API will allow the PayPal feeds to ever be 100% perfect. I recently noticed that Temporary Holds appear and disappear differently on the API depending on what initiated them (currency exchange vs chargeback vs dispute, etc). PayPal said that’s how it’s meant to work because holds are “live” events or something, but for double entry it just creates problems. I asked if holds could at least behave consistently and they said it doesn’t matter because I shouldn’t be using the API for my statement history. But if £1000 is unavailable to me for two weeks then I don’t care if it’s a “live” event; it’s still money that isn’t “in” my account.

Temporary Holds caused by chargebacks don’t even appear properly on the balance affecting CSV you can download from the history page at PayPal. While the net amounts are correct, the gross and fee columns do not add up correctly…

Will we ever be able to allocate credit notes or apply refunds to them from the API?

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