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WDCNZ – check it out

wonder how many people in NZ would be interested in a WebDevCon... More technical than Webstock across more than just one language/group.

I was amazed at the response this tweet generated. Now this ‘idea’ has taken on a life of its own.

It all started with me thinking about why I call myself a ‘web developer’, and that’s because it’s the medium not the technology that often defines the work I do. I care about requests and responses, about latency, about HTML and Javascript, about browsers. Most of all I care about the user of the applications I write. All too often developers are corralled into vendor specific Rails/.NET/PHP/Python sub groups and don’t get to mix with others.

There’s so much to take in striving to be a great web developer and these myopic groups often mean we don’t all get together and share our learnings as much as we should. Change is also rapid in our field and we’re constantly presented with new challenges and having to rethink things. All too often someone’s been there before us but we just don’t know it.

Not only do a number of fellow web developers share my view, but our senior management team are on the same page. They really believe in ‘web developers’ and in providing developers with the skills and training necessary to make the best applications on the web today.

So with the awesome skills of Charlotte – she has the fabulous title Head of Parties at Xero – I’ve set about creating a web dev event that, if you’re this way inclined, is not to be missed. I’ve never done anything on this scale before but it’s looking amazing and I’m pretty excited. We’ve managed to entice some great speakers from here and overseas, including from Google and Sencha.

Head over to to see who’s speaking and buy that ticket. A real bargain at NZ$269. Oh and tell your friends!


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