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Receipts away! Keebo and Xero

Having trouble keeping that pile of receipts under control? Receipt management service Keebo could be the answer to the mayhem.

This latest add-on to Xero takes care of receipt processing for you, saving you lots of admin time.

Just send your receipts via email, your mobile phone or scan and upload to the Keebo website. Or if you’re in the UK you can seal them in a freepost envelope and send them to Keebo. The data from each receipt is then extracted and kept in a secure online environment. You can access anytime to view, search and categorize before sending through to Xero for approval.

Keebo accepts receipts in any currency.  Watch this video to see it in action and find out more.


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Carlton Jefferis
28 May 2011 #

Great work! Been requesting this integration for a while now and hey-presto you’ve done it. Xero is clearly a (the?) market leading online accounting service. Keebo is a great compliment to Xero because it removes the laborious admin side of receipt processing and expense claims. I just take a pic of my receipts as soon as I get any, send to Keebo and they appear there within hours.I don’t even keep the paper receipts now. There are other receipt processing services with similar offerings – I’ve checked out most of them – but I’ve found Keebo best because they fully itemise the details of each receipt, not just give a total. I also have to say their customer service has been exemplary thus far.

I’m not 100% clear on whether account codes are preserved when exporting receipts from Keebo to Xero in this initial integration, but even if not it’s a step in the right direction.

Well done both Xero and Keebo for making this happen. It’s refreshing to find two companies who really listen to their customers.

29 May 2011 #

If I recomended to our client to use xero, how benefit i can get?

30 May 2011 #

Hi Sonny,

As a Keebo affiliate you can benefit from receiving an affiliate fee for any client you sign up. Email me for more info –

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