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Try Xero Touch – our new mobile app

We’re in the final process of submitting Xero Touch, our new mobile app, to the App Store.

Since the app is built in HTML5 we can make it available, on a wide range of devices, before it’s available in the App Store.

Just go to and you’ll be able to run the new features. Recent devices from Apple and Android will run Xero Touch.

Key features you can now try from your phone include:

  • Check all your bank & credit card balances from the dashboard
  • Create, approve and send invoices from your phone
  • Add expenses (the iPhone native version will let you take a photo of receipts to upload to Xero)
  • View contacts, map their location and add notes

If your phone is a lower level device (including Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry) will still work as it always has, but it won’t have any of the Xero Touch features enabled, such as creating and sending invoices and expenses.

Try it out right now and let us know what you think. You’ll need an existing Xero account, if you need an account get one for free by signing up now.


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Nigel McNie
20 April 2011 #

Nice work, as always. Works well on my iPhone 3G.

Clicking on bank accounts highlights them, but doesn’t take you anywhere, making me feel like it should have. Maybe you don’t want to, or can’t, send bank transaction info to the phone?

Margaret Holmes
20 April 2011 #

very cool – much more user friendly. I’ll never get lost going to a client again!

Craig Walker
20 April 2011 #

@Nigel The bank accounts thing is a bug – it will go somewhere eventually (future release). BTW – that has been raised – QA team bet me someone would notice it – I’ve lost that bet ;)

Michael ‘MC’ Carter
20 April 2011 #

*That* my friends, is fantastic work. Love the rate of innovation coming out of Xero. Keep it coming. With the planned developments for Xero Personal, I see a great ‘cashflow coaching’ service can be provided (at last) in a cost-effective way. A great opportunity for the accounting and financial advisory professions (and society!). Keep up the great work guys.

Stuart Maxwell
20 April 2011 #

This isn’t working on my Android, I just get a blank greyish screen. I have a Nexus One running the latest Gingerbread update (2.3.1) and I’ve tried both the stock browser as well as my regular browser, Dolphin HD. The site redirects to if that helps?

Craig Walker
20 April 2011 #

@Stuart Very interesting (and not good). We did test on a few Android phones (2.1, 2.2 & 2.3) and it seemed OK. Will investigate.

20 April 2011 #

The app looks great! I’ve been waiting for the picture feature for as long as I can remember. No more filing cabinets full of faded and unreadable receipts! Is there a way yet to upload receipts for expenses from pictures not taken with you phone?

20 April 2011 #

Also not working on android 2.2. seeing a blank screen. There seems to be a redirect to login which is then again redirected to without presenting the login form.

Angela Sibly
20 April 2011 #

There may be a few orientation issues on the 3G? Resizing and remapping does not appear to be happening following a change of orientation from landscape to portrait or reverse. Great to see the invoice and expenses features coming in to play. Would like to see the invoice payment functionaility in the future as well. Awesome work!

20 April 2011 #

Looks great and hopefully will have a remember login feature on iPhone as retyping a 14 digit secure password every time you navigate away is such a pain on the web app version… More importantly though when are u going to support Barclays in the UK and commercial Barclaycards… First it was Q4 last year, then Q1 this now Q2, Q3, never???!

20 April 2011 #

Great work! +1 for Nigel’s concern about it highlighting the bank account. It worked great for me on my iPhone 3Gs.

Do you plan on bringing similar functionality to Xero Personal? This would be extremely beneficial to see where I am at with monthly goals.

In addition, is there a way to view these uploaded expense photos through the desktop web app?

20 April 2011 #

I have the same as Stuart. Android 2.3.1, on an HTC Desire. Just light grey blank screen.:-(

Anita Dobson
20 April 2011 #

I have the Galaxy S – looks good apart from a text box? running through the middle of the screen that blocks out part of it…

Rhys Roberts
20 April 2011 #

Looking good! Just put through an expense claim, very easy!

Am I right in thinking getting this through the app store is what determines it being an “iPhone native version”, hence being able to capture photos of receitps? If so any timing on this? This would be the icing on the cake!

Keep is coming guys, cheers, Rhys

Ben Wood
20 April 2011 #

I have the same as Stuart on my Galaxy S running Android 2.2. Redirects to in the stock browser

20 April 2011 #

As a follow up to my previous remark, if I change my user agent to iPhone (in Dolphin HD) all is okay.

Anton Gerner
20 April 2011 #

Will a future release include ability to invoice items from your item list ?

Craig Walker
20 April 2011 #

@chris Interesting about the user agent – so it’s working fine now in Dolphin HD after changing the UA? Not exactly by design that – need to figure out what I’m doing wrong there.

For everyone else on Android I’m still looking at it and will keep you informed.

Note: the redirect is by design – looks at whether your phone can handle Xero Touch then redirects. So the url you are seeing is the right one.

@Angela The orientation issues are a pain – thought I had this nailed but it’s been proven to me that I haven’t. Invoice payments is an interesting one – would you expect to do this on an invoice or through a mini-bank reconciliation screen?

@TMRE Yeah – we’re coming up with a better way for login – probably based on a PIN number (won’t be attached to your phone – something you manage in My Xero). Can’t comment on Barclays – we’re extending support all the time for banks that ask security questions and we will support the remainder of those banks (which includes Barclays) in an upcoming release. Unfortunately I cannot give you timeframes on this.

@Brad Xero Personal Touch (that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it) is on the roadmap (no timeframes – design has been finalized but dev hasn’t started).

@Anton You mean use inventory items when adding a line item? Yes – absolutely (just missed the cut for V1).

For everyone asking abut uploading expense receipts: as stated in the blog post that’s definitely coming – but requires the native app version to enable access to the device’s camera (and photo library). So yes – free from the app store with these features enabled. At the same time we will also open up uploading from within the full version of the application. Don’t want to give too much away now – there will be blog posts about these features in the near future.

Keep the feedback coming – it’s very much appreciated.


Joshua Farmer
20 April 2011 #

Hey I’m a happy camper, now I can raise invoices to my clients onsite. A selling point for getting clients on to Xero as well.

Gary Aubin
20 April 2011 #

Good stuff….
Feedback: On and off states of buttons inconsistent. White/blue.
Reconcile? : /
Now 500 error, I guess your still tweaking : )


Craig Walker
20 April 2011 #

@Gary Reconciliation is on the roadmap – it has been designed – just trying to figure out the nuances. Where did you get that error? There have been some reports of that error on contacts.

20 April 2011 #

I’m getting a 500 error everytime I try and load any page now. I can login but it won’t even load my xero.

Craig Walker
20 April 2011 #

@Brad Try touching the top of the screen (to bring down the location bar) and refreshing. Or try a new window/tab. Let me know if that fixes things (sounds like a bad session).

20 April 2011 #

@Craig – that worked. Though it’s worth pointing out that I logged in and out without refreshing and that still did not help.

Jason M Blumer
20 April 2011 #

This app is beautiful on my iPhone 4 (Verizon, not AT&T). Love the way the square turns sideways immediately after logging in. It’s the little touches that impress us geeks!

Can’t wait to add pics of receipts with the native app. Where do you store the receipts? Can we go back and see the receipts anytime we want? Can we post expenses directly to the “money spent” API by uploading a receipt?

Good stuff!

Gary Aubin
20 April 2011 #

@Craig, Contacts / Next (page 1) “No contact matching that search. Please try again” Page 1, clicking on Next button. Just tried again and works ok.
Also, Clicking on the “page 1 of 12″ button in the middle brings up the jump to page pop-up, but once scrolled down cannot scroll back up.
More to come ;)

20 April 2011 #

So, will this be a wrapper for a webspace? Or will it actually be an app with a different look than what HTML5 renders? I like native apps, all the way. Just asking, thought it would be a good question.

Mark S
20 April 2011 #

Craig, Great work. Logged on to my xero, but don’t see a search feature to choose the file I want to access – list of 25 comes up, but can’t work out the order – not alphabetical like version??

Craig Walker
20 April 2011 #

@Jason Expenses into “money spent” is not currently the idea – will go as a receipt into your current expense claim. We should discuss this offline.

@Gary Interesting – some weird bugs there.

@Michael It will be this app wrapped. We like native apps too – but this approach gives us the most flexibility.

@Mark No search in My Xero yet – it’s ordered by your last login date descending (which is the default in the full version). Probably need to add change in order as well.

Mark S
20 April 2011 #

Thx Craig. Useful to have a sort even if just alphabetical.

[…] Xero released their new mobile version, Xero Touch I was pleased – sort of[1] – to see what Craig and co have done there. It […]

Blair Hughson
21 April 2011 #

Hi guys, great start, I’ll be interested to see how this progresses. Awesome to be able to generate invoices on the road easily. Works well on my iPhone 4.

Nic Wise
21 April 2011 #

Nice looking app – great work xero-ites!. I had some comments here which expand on my thoughts:

I tried it on an Android phone (Desire, I think), and got the same bank grey screen :( worked great on my iphone tho!

21 April 2011 #

I thought this might be a bit of a red herring, but the facility to upload pictures of expenses receipts it is going to be brilliant for micro-business owners like me. Good work!

A question: I have a dozen occasional staff (without Xero logins) who incur lots of out of pocket expenses when they work as they are off site and travelling. Could there be a cut down version of this app which these employees could use that would allow them to manage their own expenses claims (including uploads) but do nothing else?

Stewart Bryson
21 April 2011 #

Does this mean the Xero API now includes the ability to submit receipts?

Gillian Rossouw
21 April 2011 #

Thrilled to bits. We have been waiting in anticipation since CW demonstrated at the XeroCon in Taupo looks like the Easter Bunny has arrived. I know one Xero User who will be elated including myself. Thank you Xero

Craig Walker
21 April 2011 #

@Nigel Xero Touch is role aware – if you invite your occasional staff as Employees (Invoice Only/Draft Only) then they will see a cut down Xero Touch with just the ability to add receipts and view their current expense claim (essentially everything minus the invoicing functionality). So this is available right now (being able to submit the expense claim from Xero Touch is coming, so they will still need the full version to do that).

@Stewart It will – however I’m not sure of the timing on that.

Thanks for all the great feedback and the reviews.

Lots to do!


21 April 2011 #

I’ve tried using it on my iPhone 4 in one of the slowest internet environments on earth (Timor Leste) and it’s naturally slow, but still responsive and perfectly usable.

Craig Walker
21 April 2011 #

@Bill Wow – great feedback – thanks for that.

For all those waiting for Android to work I’m still looking at it. By the way, we did test it using Android emulators so we did expect it to work. It’s still working great on my emulator – so I’m resorting to debugging on a phone (which isn’t fun).

Note: always test on a phone :)


21 April 2011 #

Great looking. Just look forward to the bank account links working to look at transaction history. Wondering why you can’t look at customers transaction history?

Andrew Cowan
21 April 2011 #

This is great!! Works perfectly on my HTC Desire Android v2.2 and iPad.

Craig Walker
23 April 2011 #

For all those that have been patiently waiting, I have finally got Android working. The issues were very weird – code that has been there for ages (and tested on phones around the office) just suddenly wasn’t working. Anyway – I have tested it on live using a Samsung Galaxy S and it works pretty well.

I think it’s fair to say we have some work to do to make the Android experience as fluid as the iPhone experience but it’s a good start.

Thanks to all those that have been waiting – if you get a chance, please try it out and let us know how it goes.



23 April 2011 #

A good start! Don’t forget to add all the same validation as the main app. First thing I did was add a line to am issued invoice. Not right.

Looking forward to it being more functional, with more hot links. Account balance link on contacts screen would be useful.

Stuart Maxwell
26 April 2011 #

Great – it’s working for me on Android now. Thanks.

28 April 2011 #

Question time ?

Hi Team – I have about 6 clients now on Xero and naturally they all want to see this on their Smart Phones – However none can see their Bank Balances (they are Managed Cashbook clients ?) – They can only see their expense claims – I am the Financial Adviser and on my own practice site I can see all my bank and credit card balances – Why is this so ………..??

Naturally in this day and age they all want to look at their business on their smart phones – especially their Bank Balance at any given time.

Looking forward to your help……Cheers

Merrin Pearse
1 May 2011 #

I have the same problems that @Geoff mentions and I am a Managed Cashbook client too. Whether I log in from an iPhone4 or Android 2.2, I can only work with the expense claim option. No bank account balances.

Alastair Grigg
2 May 2011 #

@Geoff, @Merrin – Our focus for the managed client role on Xero Touch was to provide access to expense claims, given they don’t use invoicing and have limited access to Bank Rec. But acknowledge your point about wanting to see bank balances. Will look to add this as soon as possible.

Paul Shipper
10 May 2011 #

Its nice, MUCH better than the previous incarnation! Would be good if you could reconcile the accounts from the touch app though… Possibility of that feature coming soon?

Mark Berry
12 May 2011 #

I like it as far as it goes, though I think on the iPad it could do a lot more; it just looks like a phone interface, but larger, which is a missed opportunity.

Personally I’ll probably just continue to use the full web site (I never used the mobile site anyway; if I had done I’d probably agree this is a huge improvement) from my iPad. I don’t get to see the graphs etc because they use Flash, but I don’t get those in the mobile app either. At least I can access all of Xero’s functionality using the web site, and it looks good.

I think for a mobile app to be worthwhile it needs to offer something that’s not available through the web, given that all of the devices that will be able to run Xero Touch have very good browsers anyway. Uploading receipt photo’s could be one such thing, but we won’t use it because not everyone who’s putting claims in has an iPhone, and we can’t have some uploading pictures and others not. If that function is to exist, it needs to be available to everyone whether they have a smartphone or not, through the full site.

In other words if Xero can’t answer the question “why should I use the app instead of the web site”, there’s not a lot of point in spending time on the app IMHO.

I guess arguably my comments relate to tablets not phones, but I’ve used the full web site on my iPhone too, and it’s fine. Not perfect, but better than Touch because I can do everything I want to.

19 May 2011 # doesn’t actually seem to work on my WP7. Redirects to etc. with a blank screen

21 May 2011 #

Would be great to get bank balances showing in the XERO cashbook version. All it shows at the moment is expense claims. Business XERO versions are great on iPhone. When do you plan to work on cashbook mobile version??
Great work XERO!

8 July 2011 #

Any news on the app? the online version is great. Any news on the Iphone native version?

phil ahern
7 August 2011 #

this dosnt work at all (cant log in) on a blackberry 9780

17 November 2012 #

Can this application work with privileges? I want my technicians to feed their job sheets to the system on location, but I don’t want them to see my account balance and all. Will it be possible?

24 June 2013 #

I log in with iPhone 4 and get a blank grey screen.

Andrew C
30 January 2014 #

Hi…I have just started using Xero…in many ways I am loving it but there is a lot to learn especially if accounts are not your strong point! Anyway one of my current confusions or problems is the apparent inability to automatically assign pictures of receipts taken on mobile app to the receipt for which it has been shot from…if that makes sense. It does not automatically link up or even sync properly with my laptop either. Am I doing something wrong? I have a Ipone5 and a macbook. Please advise. Thanks Andrew

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