Love making someone’s day?

How many developers can honestly say they make a customer smile on a regular basis?

As we get bigger we’ve been evolving our teams at Xero. There are always lots of new projects to do as we execute our strategy, but we also have lots of little enhancements and tweaks that we try to work on as well. New projects can be fun and exciting, but some of us also enjoy working on the existing code base and making it better.

In the gratification stakes this is as instant as it gets for a developer. Right now I’m enjoying working on a bunch of incremental changes that are released about every six weeks or even sooner. We monitor our customer care tickets, read feedback on the web and talk to customers to keep finding ways we can make things better and easier. While I like that what I do gives me a lot of variety, the best bit is the way it resonates with customers big time. All because I deliver things they’ve asked for. Not what is assumed they’ll need.

Too often people think we’re done at Xero – the app is humming along with the main features you need for online accounting – but there’s so much more we can be doing to make that user experience the sweetest yet. We need more people to join the team so we can keep improving our user experience and make what seems to be such a difference. So if you want to get your teeth into some new projects – we have that, or if you want to work on a variety of things every day and delight customers – we have that too. You choose.

Why not come and be part of the Xero team? We’d like to hear from you if you’re passionate about the user experience, with ideas to share. Drop us a line at


Tony Rule
March 14, 2011 at 12:24 pm

@Evan – we’re as keen as everybody else to get approved invoices via our API released. We’re just in the final stages of testing the next API release which will provide a range of Xero Report endpoints, satisfying a whole set of other requested API extensions. The ability to approve invoices is next into testing after this and we’ll certainly advise as soon as we have a release date firmed up for this.

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