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Trashy content on the web

We all know how frustrating it feels to browse a website where the information you want is hard to find, out-of-date or what’s written is unclear.

In 15 years or more there’s been a hell of a lot content pushed onto the web in haste, in ignorance or with little thought. Not only is there an absence of a vision around the content’s purpose, but there’s no realisation that content has a life-cycle. It will probably need updating or replacing or maybe it never did meet the objective you had in mind in the first place.

As Kristina Halvorson – CEO of BrainTraffic and author of Content Strategy for the Web says we’ve piled trashy content, on top of trashy content to make a Wall-E world of junk on the web. Trying to find something meaningful on the web can therefore take longer and is way harder than it needs to be.

Kristina was the speaker I was hanging out to hear at Webstock and she certainly didn’t disappoint. Judging by the flurry of tweets during and after her talk, I wasn’t the only one. Her message is relevant not just to people like me who write and deliberate over content, it’s relevant to any organisation contemplating a web project. Rather than your web team thinking about content near the end of a project, the why, what, how, for whom type questions need to be considered from get go and factored into the timeline.

Kristina’s analogy rings true. Content is like a fragile plant. We need to feed it, water it and nurture it, or it’ll die.


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Jon Thompson
18 February 2011 #

I agree re. the importance of quality content – our goal for 2011-12 is simply:

1. better content (higher quality/more relevant)
2. more unique content
3. build SaaS tools to leverage our content (doing clever and useful things with our content)

Keep up the great work Xero’ers

: ) Jon

Aprill Allen
18 February 2011 #

A lifecycle – exactly! Not unlike a knowledge base. Well, let’s face it. The web is a massive disorganised, poorly maintained knowledge base. Maybe all those IPv4-Armageddonists should shut down all the outdated and trashy sites out there and reclaim the IPs.

Webstock write-up wrangling
27 February 2012 #

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