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There ain’t no party like a Webstock party

Here at HQ in Wellington there’s one conference the product guys look forward to more than any other, WEBSTOCK.

Webstock 2011

#Webstock is the one conference in New Zealand that seems to draw A* class technical speakers from round the world and I’m thrilled that as a company we were able to show our appreciation for the conference and our desire to keep at the forefront of web development by being gold sponsor for the event.

I’m looking forward to the atmosphere of the town hall, which becomes absolutely electric as we all wait for the sessions to begin and hope that I’m on the ball enough to keep up with some of the ideas that are presented. It’s one of the biggest gathering of web developers in the country (and plenty fly in from overseas to be part of the crowd) so it’s the best place to see what everyone is up to and to keep a finger on the pulse as techniques and trends shift within the industry.

It’s also awesome place to find your next great job and if you’re at Webstock and looking for a rewarding/thrilling/enjoyable/friendly/fast paced [and lots more buzz words] place to work, come and talk to one of the team (a lot of us will be proudly showing our Xero colours for much of the conference) because we’re hiring.


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Nathan Li
17 February 2011 #

Hey Owen,
Do you do what @nzkoz talks about at Webstock? Small team, best technology and iterate? That’s appealing.

Owen Evans
17 February 2011 #

Of course we do Nathan, we have small teams of around about 2-4 on any project, we use the most appropriate tech for the jobs we do (see craig’s investigation into mobile) and we iterate constantly..

Webstock write-up wrangling
27 February 2012 #

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