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Cleaner bank balances

While we’re busy rolling out exciting new features it’s great to get the opportunity to refine features that already exist in Xero too.

Recently when under the hood working away on automatic credit card feeds we saw an opportunity to make some improvements to the bank accounts on the Dashboard. So we took it.

There are two balances on the bank account panel, the balance recorded in Xero and the balance from your bank statement. Because cash is king, we’ve moved the statement balance to the top.

The game is to make the two balances match. So once everything is reconciled, Xero now shows the one true number. Simple.

We’ve also improved text size, buttons, spacing and colour (all that visual stuff) to make the important bits stand out more.

Let us know what you think!


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18 February 2011 #

Loving it! Thumbs up!

Anton Gerner
18 February 2011 #

It’s awesome !
So much clearer.
Keep up the good work !

David Kime
19 February 2011 #

Good stuff

Can’t wait for the next update to see what you stuff into that one

James R
19 February 2011 #

The spacing is immaculate. The font sizes are very pleasing. The button urges me to click it. I just can’t believe you spelt ‘reconcile’ wrong on the main dashboard?!

James R
19 February 2011 #

Ha – Made you look…

19 February 2011 #

@James R – you sure did

Anne Stephenson
19 February 2011 #

So much cleaner. I also love that I can now have auto feeds from my credit card. And so simple to set up.

Earl Rudolfo
20 February 2011 #

Thanks Xero, keep the feature refinements coming, This stuff really enhances the user experience.

bruce laugesen
1 March 2011 #

I dont think your logic is right. If the balances are different and the bank account in xero is reconciled to the bank statement amount as per the reconciliation report then that should get a green tick too. I look for a green tick to indicate to me that no action is required by me.

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