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Best accounting conference ever

Posted 7 years ago in Xero news by Xero Blogger
Posted by Xero Blogger

Today’s been a real blast with Xero Partner Conference (#xerocon) day 2. We’ve been completely blown away with the reaction from our partners. Kicking off this morning with our CEO, Rod Drury setting the scene for a day of fist pumping and cheering from our accounting partners. Yes, we had accountants fist pumping! And such a great turn-out!

So much was packed into one day, and we haven’t even had our awards dinner yet – photos to follow of the dance floor action. 430 cups of coffee (from Aurum Coffee including help from Kevin from Customer Care) was like fuel on the fire.

Highlights of the day:

New Zealand Minister of Small Business and Statistics Maurice Williamson, gave an open insight into the direction our government is taking with cloud technology and initiatives such as the Single Business Number.

Our Modern Practice providers gave a world-first view of their solutions working seamlessly together to bring game-changing productivity gains to the accounting practice.

CEO of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (NZICA) Terry McLaughlin showed how they are leading the drive to help members adjust to the industry changes as accountants move to higher value relationships with clients.

Justin Hygate entertained with a lively presentation of the Companies Office web services initiatives and the future of linking to these through solutions like Xero.

Our rapid-fire session saw senior members of the product team unveil what’s planned for the year ahead. We got some cracking applause from partners who had their top requests and even some items from their dream list show up. And yes, budgets may have been on there…

But the real fist pumps came at the end when CTO, Craig Walker showed the power of our mobile vision, with expense claims on the run and attaching a photo of the receipt straight from your smart phone.

Craig also fired everyone up with a demo on address verification work we’re doing with NZ Post that automatically populates addresses into contacts in Xero and includes geo data (or maps for you non-geeks) to make it easy to find new clients when you’re out and about.

We also had hilarious interludes during the day from MC Mark Wright who kept the room entertained with a selection of his favorite quotes and sometimes fictitious introductions of presenters.

There are no words to describe how proud we were to have so many accountants come and tell us this was “the best conference ever”.

More conference photos on the Xero Facebook page.


MariaJames Ltd
February 4, 2011 at 6.54 pm

Support your customers as well so we can keep supporting you too:)
Promotional items whether personalised or not give it a go…. whether it is small or large we would love to have the opportunity to work with you.

February 4, 2011 at 10.08 pm

Wow I wish two things from reading this article. One is that I was an accountant and two that I was in New Zealand at the moment so I could have been there…I am an early user of Xero and as standard love it. But I do have one question that has spawned from reading this: it is to do with the mobile vision…Is this new feature coming soon or is it a long term vision of potential possibilities for the mobile version?

February 5, 2011 at 10.54 am

Sounds like a great conference. That mobile expensing and receipt attachment is a killer feature. Any word on when that is coming? My clients would beg to have it be that easy.

February 5, 2011 at 1.29 pm

Great read, thanks.

John R
February 5, 2011 at 5.41 pm

Great conference, great to see the modern accounting practice working. Thanks to everyone at Xero (and the Xero Solution Partners) I can now run my accounting practice in the cloud, something I tried to do over 2 years ago but was unable to. Awesome!

February 6, 2011 at 2.05 pm

We are inspired! Thank you for hosting such a great partner conference, only wish we had taken more of the team. Was great to hear the vision for the modern practice we can see great potential being involved with Xero and their partners going forward – a win win for us all. The networking was great and the fastest growing accounting partner award a bolt out of the blue – we are inspired to do it even better this year. Thanks to all the Xero team.

Anne Stephenson
February 6, 2011 at 2.47 pm

Stunningly good conference. I was looking forward to some great content on wider IT trends as well as where Xero specifically is heading. And you didn’t disappoint. Great work and thanks to everyone that made the conference a success.

Update: Link to the Stephenson Thorner blog on the Xero conference

February 7, 2011 at 5.52 pm

A truly amazing event! Some great things coming on the roadmap, and it was just brilliant to speak with like-minded accountants who have a passion for where the profession is heading! Thanks to all the Xero’s, and I am still wondering where the event will be next year when there are 500 or 1000 partners wishing to attend! Good luck with that!

Accounting Now
February 7, 2011 at 6.23 pm

Thanx for the wicked conference … it was ridiculously funny, especially that mad man from the companies office … who knew bureaucrates were allowed a sense of humour.
I also loved the wit of Mark Wright … I’ve been stealing his jokes and one-liners … AWESOME!

Scott Findlay
February 7, 2011 at 11.36 pm

Was a real cool conference. Got you thinking about what is out there in the cloud and can integrated into your business not in 12 months but now. Everyone very helpful and willing to offer their help. Also, great location… and that man Mark Wright!!

Cabbage Tree Accounting
February 8, 2011 at 12.06 pm

Excellent conference, as usual Xero exceeded expectations and pulled together a great event. Xero continues to influence the accounting profession with its boundary breaking ideas and solutions and I’m excited to be working in this space with such a global industry leader.

Glennis Stuckey
February 11, 2011 at 5.42 pm

The Xero Conference was awesome, as a bookkeeper, it is good to be able to tell clients what features are coming, like the mobile version of Xero and the App – I wonder if this will work on Android? With the mobile version, you will be able to do expense claims, take a picture of your receipt and your trusty bookkeeper will have the receipt and detail online immediately – we won’t have to raid wallets anymore.

Xero put forward some very inspirational speakers like Maurice Williamson and Justin Hygate from the Companies office – it is awesome to see the caliber of these guys.

One of the best things about Xero events in general is the fact you are rubbing shoulders with the actual owners of such productslike WorkflowMax, Vend and Xero itself. I can’t say I know anybody at other accounting program companies. The fact that these are all NZ companies is even better!

Thanks Xero, my staff, customers and I love you!

Craig Walker Xero
February 11, 2011 at 5.56 pm

@Glennis Glad you enjoyed the conference. Yes – the mobile app will work in Android. I’ve just done a post with a bit more detail on the new mobile app here:

Glennis Stuckey
February 11, 2011 at 9.36 pm

Awesome!!! I am sick of going through wallets, unfolding crumpled receipts with coffee split on them… 🙂

Mike Renner
February 16, 2011 at 12.37 pm

Well done, Rod and the team! This was the best conference I’ve been to in a very long time. What I saw demonstrated live with Xero, e360, WorkflowMAX, and Spotlight convinced me that we’ll be changing once the Tax package has had any teething problems resolved. Isn’t it refreshing to have the CEO and Chairman of a major company front up and be approachable? Change is in the air, and those who ignore it will become victims of it.

David Barton
February 25, 2011 at 3.03 pm

Thanks to the whole Xero team who pulled it all together – it was a truly inspiring event. The heads still buzzing with ideas and possibilities.

What was really evident is the way Xero is driving a network of solution partners, accountants, business and the government to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing costs. Closer collaboration = increased efficiency. At the same time all those involved are helping to educate the market to accept cloud applications so everyone gets the chance to win.

Now the next phase starts where silos of information, traditionally kept in government computer centres, are becoming freely available on the internet through API’s (application program interface). Pull some of this disparate information together, mix in a few statistics, overlay it with some location data, throw in some computer smarts and then sales opportunities start to reveal. More sales related cloud solutions will enter the market and use this information to generate leads and convert them into sales all of which will continue to feed back into Xero and the ecosystem

All very promising and exciting and I can’t wait!

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