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Have you LinkedIn?

People often ask us why they should use LinkedIn and what the value is for the individual or business. LinkedIn is like FaceBook for business people (or maybe grown ups), with a focus on the social aspect in business.

When you join, you create a profile that summarizes your professional expertise and accomplishments. It’s like a living resume.  You can create, maintain and extend a network of business colleagues, and equally important, you can build your company profile – like we do for Xero.

Most people initially see LinkedIn as a good recruitment tool for both finding new staff or a new job – depending on which side of the fence you’re sitting. Beyond that basic premise it’s a great resource for brand building, lead generation, and fostering relationships.

One of the things that we normally do after business meetings is connect with people we’ve met on LinkedIn.  It’s a great way to build your personal network and who knows what opportunities might come on down the track.

As a software company, we find one of the best uses for LinkedIn is creating conversations with our customers (and potential customers). They’re usually about new features and concepts pre-release, as we find engaging the market at this stage allows us to determine what’s important over a wide cross-section.

Some of the conversations we have flowing at the moment include:

LinkedIn has over 85 million members in over 200 countries, with half of these being outside of the USA – amazingly a person joins every second.  LinkedIn will likely gain even more profile in 2011 if it goes for an IPO.

Here’s a quick video to learn more.

Are you LinkedIn with Xero?


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Adrian Pearson
20 January 2011 #

Hi Wayne, wow that was quick. It seems this posting was up within about 4 hours of me posting my question about LinkedIn to members over at This suggest to me that you prefer the idea of discussion taking place in a Xero-managed environment?

Gary Turner
21 January 2011 #

Hi Adrian – too much crime conspiracy fiction in your TV diet!

I can’t speak with any certainty but I’d doubt there’s any connection here – our blogs posts usually get drafted over a 2-3 day period before appearing on the timeline, so I imagine this is just co-incidental 1+1=3 calculation you’ve made.

User communities come in all shapes and size; from discrete forums such as XeroUsers to comment threads on an individual blog post or Twitter – we see value in conciously investing a chunk of our team’s focus in a small number of of the main community platforms; Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, but we love the fact other communities exist, too and we’re happy to participate in them.

Justine Tatt
21 January 2011 #

Hi Wayne,

Great post, as a Virtual Assistant I find LinkedIn invaluable for keeping up with the last technology news and for it’s networking capabilities. Nice to use a platform focused on business when doing business!

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