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Developer update

In our upcoming December 2010 API release we’ll be introducing some sought after enhancements.

Here’s what’s new

A new Journals endpoint with the ability to GET Journals

This data is essentially the same as the data you can retrieve manually in Xero from the “Adviser > Export GL Transactions” menu.

Improvements to the Invoices endpoint

To complement some great invoice customisation in the Xero app, developers will be able to make use of any invoice branding themes a Xero customer has created. Specifically you will be able to:

  • Retrieve a list of branding themes an organisation is using
  • Apply a branding theme to draft invoices and draft credit notes

We’ve had a lot of requests to be able to link back to source documents from invoices in Xero, so taking a generic approach we’ve made it possible for you to set up a URL link when you enter invoices via our API. Invoices created using this functionality will then show a “view invoice in [app name]” link, similar to the functionality we already offer customers that use FreshBooks with Xero.

We’re planning to release these enhancements around mid December. Look out for the release notifications within the app and Help Centre. Full details of all these improvements will also be available in our release notes.

What’s coming up next?

Entering draft “ManualJournals”

This is almost ready, so expect to see this early in the new year.

Entering approved invoices

Exactly that!

On the horizon

In Q1 2011 we’ll be releasing the first of our reporting endpoints. Cashflow and other speciaist reporting or analysis apps will be able to easily access a growing range of data from Xero. Our team is really excited at the possibilities this will open up to developers. But as always let us know on our Uservoice forum what specific features you need.


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Andrew Haynes
8 December 2010 #

Very excited to see the ability to link back to source documents from invoices in Xero on the horizon!

Have been awaiting this feature.

Wayne Robinson
8 December 2010 #

Looks good from here. I have been waiting on an API update for a while now.

Still, probably the biggest *want* on my list is long-lived OAuth sessions for customers. Yes, I know I can give them a huge instruction list to enable our application for up to 12 months, but I would prefer if we could just use the same method for 20 minute authentication to get permission from them for a longer period of time.

Tony Rule
8 December 2010 #

@Wayne – I’ll contact you directly to discuss your needs in more detail to see how we can help. We’ll have an update for all developers on this functionality soon but here is a solution we’re offering many partners already –

Michael Koziarski
8 December 2010 #

What’d be truly awesome is the ability to retrieve the PDF through the API. That would let me completely’outsource’ the job of doing accounts and invoicing to xero rather than building it into my own SaaS apps.

Campbell Yule
8 December 2010 #

Sounds Great,
Hanging out for the reporitng end points! Have my own MVC based Cashflow app I want to integrate to save constant updating and data enStry duplication!

James R
8 December 2010 #

Can someone please develop a consolidated accounts application that takes multiple subsidiary Xero orgs and consolidates them into a single set of P&L and Balance sheet.

[…] theme on submitted invoices and allow custom URLs to be attached to invoices. Check out our latestdeveloper update for more […]

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