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Aussie office opening

I have to admit having some pre-party nerves when thunderstorms took over Melbourne on the afternoon of the party to mark the opening of our Australian Head Office. But come early evening the sun was shining and invitees coming through the door aplenty.

We had a lot of fun. The crowd loved hearing from Rod about Xero’s vision and I know many of you were thrilled to meet Xero director and MYOB co-founder Craig Winkler. Nice too for you and the Xero team to put a name to a face.

It was great to see such a wide range of Xero accounting and network partners and from so far a field  – IT consultant Gillian Rossouw from Brisbane and Unleashed were visiting from Auckland. We also enjoyed the company of ANZ (our marketing partner) and most importantly customers who use and love the software.

Thanks for all the support. Whatever the weather we know Xero is out to grow and prosper in Oz.


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iphone app development co
7 December 2010 #

Congratulations… it’s such a pleasure to follow Xero going from strength; and using your software – so understanding exactly why your doing so well.
Keep up the great work from a non-whinging pom!

Shawn Smith
13 December 2010 #

All of us here at Blinq wish Xero the best for continued grow into the land of Oz. We had a great night chatting with Rod – finally we put a face to a name.

Nathan Dunn
14 December 2010 #

I was able to visit the new office in Melbourne last Thursday, we look forward to working more closely with the Aussie team. Great location, and nice to meet Richard and Mark, two of the account managers.

Wayne Schmidt
14 December 2010 #

We really appreciate the support from Xero partners, clients and developers to help us get us to this point. Roll on 2011 Australia!

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