We’re always hiring!

Speaking at the New Zealand Computer Society 50th Anniversary conference today (twitpic’d below), I mentioned during a panel discussion that our biggest constraint was a pipeline of good talent.

A couple of people mentioned afterwards that …

  1. There were surprised that we were still hiring
  2. There was a perception that Xero was complete and so there might not be any interesting projects to do

At Xero we are always hiring and usually have a number of open jobs:  http://www.xero.com/careers

We’re always looking for great developers, from junior to senior and we can offer a wide variety of work as Xero has so many systems. From the Xero app, to our back office systems, websites, help, mobile community sites etc, etc. With breakeven in sight during 2011 we may have the opportunity to gas up significantly so we are keen to build a pipeline of talent we can tap.  Even if you’re not quite ready to move and want to see what we’re about please make contact.

Our biggest shortage right now is software testers.  There is a real shortage of these valuable people in New Zealand.  There aren’t many places that teach software testing but maybe people with a background in bookkeeping and preparation of financial statements might consider financial software testing as a new career.  Please make contact and we’ll help you set a plan to acquire the skills.  We know we’re going to need many more QA people in the future.

As far as Xero being done. Wrong, wrong wrong.  We’re just getting started.  The last few years have been about building the solid foundations and doing the huge amount of work to build a fully featured, horizontal, accounting application.  That’s just the ticket to the game.  Now that we’re got most of that done we can turn to the game changing stuff.  An example of recent new projects we’ve been working on include Yodlee feeds, Xero Personal, Xero Answers, API 2.0 with oAuth and lots of other stuff behind the scenes.  We’ve got lots of other stimulating projects we want to get into and a huge roadmap to work on. What you’ve seen so far with Xero is just the beginning.

I mentioned at the conference that it upsets me that so many developers in Wellington are working on fee for service type work, rather than using their scarce skills to building intellectual property and create ongoing value.  Building a product that 20,000+ companies work on every day is a blast.  As Xero expands around the world we have a unique opportunity to improve the productivity of the massive small business sector and make business easier and more enjoyable.  It’s pretty cool to be part of this …

So we are all always looking for good people.  Please make contact if you’d like to join our merry band.


Ruth McDavitt
September 17, 2010 at 8:10 am

We really appreciate Xero’s ongoing investment in the local talent pipeline via your support of interns and Xero staff giving time & energy to deliver bootcamps. Exposing young IT professionals to cool local companies building business around technology is a good start, but agree the problem of awareness & exposure to wider employment pathways goes deeper.

Great points dicussed at the NZCS panel, and a huge opportunity for NZ to execute on good ideas with good people. Will definitely continue to spread the word that Xero is hiring, and hope a few more bright young things start knocking on your door!

Mike Block CPA
June 23, 2011 at 6:44 pm

I twice won the top U.S. QuickBooks beta test prize. The second time I won by such a big margin that I suggested that Intuit drop the contest, as my scores were discouraging others. I also was the first ProSeries beta tester and tested several other software products. I would love to now beta test Xero, the future of accounting.

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