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Our first Point of Sale Partner – Vend

We’ve been working with some Point of Sale (POS) solutions and have now added this as a new category in our Solutions Directory of  Network Partners.

Using a Point of Sale solution along with Xero is perfect for anyone running a retail business. Lots of retailers have stores in more than one location, so having your financial information online means you can access it from anywhere, anytime.

Our new Network Partner Vend, is a stunning new POS system, giving retailers an innovative way to run their retail stores. Vend works with the equipment you already use for your point-of-sale, including your barcode scanner, cash drawer and receipt printer. Vend helps you manage your inventory by making it possible to automatically re-order products based on specified stock levels. If you’ve got several stores, Vend has got you covered as it provides full support for multi-location stock control.

Take a look at this video introduction below:

Vend works seamlessly with Xero, so there’s no more manual double entry of sales data. Daily sales totals are automatically entered into Xero for reconciliation with your bank account, and you can even set up individual invoices and statements for customers who have an account with you. Have a look here to find out more about the Vend integration with Xero.

We’re really excited about the possibilities opening up for small businesses as more online solutions work together. Let us know what solutions you’d like Xero to connect on our UserVoice forum.


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Dennis Howlett
2 September 2010 #

Is this NZ only?

2 September 2010 #

Check there website I think. I am almost positive I read somewhere there it is for overseas as well. Am sure they would not limit themselves to just Nz retail.

2 September 2010 #

Hi guys – yes Vend is global – recent tweet here.

Dennis Howlett
2 September 2010 #

Thanks – I didn’t imagine it would be restricted but then I was thinking currency and couldn’t see anything specific on the Vend site

Vaughan Rowsell
3 September 2010 #

Hi Dennis,

Yes Vend is available globally and you can configure it to work with local taxes and currencies. Our pricing is currently in US$ or NZ$. Perhaps this is something we can communicate clearer on our website?

4 September 2010 #

I’m really struggling with even considering signing up for Vend. It mentions that the system will work with existing hardware, but makes no mention of how it will accomplish this task. I’m pretty sure opening a cash drawer is not standard browser functionality.

Another thing I can’t figure out os what the hell “lanes” are, and why I need them. Surely they are not POS terminals, because limiting that to 4 sounds ridiculous, and thats on the grand master “multisite” plan.

Looking forward to the next POS partner.

Vaughan Rowsell
6 September 2010 #

Hi Brad,

Vend works with the majority of scanners and receipt printers without much fuss. Cash drawers can be connected to your receipt printer to automatically open when you print receipts. We are looking at more advanced integrations at the moment but so far we work with most hardware.

Vend supports more than 4 lanes/registers and we are updating our site soon to better communicate this. You will be able to simply add extra lanes for around NZ$29 per extra lane. We have a 15 lane retailer already and they love having the ability to roll out an extra lanes with a couple of clicks, and firing up a new PC.

Feel free to sign up for a trial and I am more than happy to answer any other questions you have. We are planning a lot more innovation in the coming months!

Vaughan – CEO, Vend

Robert Prideaux
29 September 2010 #

Any plans to integrate (or can you do it now) this into the Pharmacy world ?
There is a near stranglehold in this area by a couple of dinosaurs…

29 September 2010 #

I can’t tell if this the service is stand alone or if it needs to be hooked up to a merchant account or similar first? Can I use Vend to process credit card payments?

Vaughan Rowsell
29 September 2010 #

Hi Robert,
We get asked this from time to time. Drop me a line at and I can get in touch to discuss to see if we can help in the short term, and long term :)

Vaughan Rowsell
29 September 2010 #

Hi Tim,
Vend is the front counter POS for in store, and we currently don’t process card payments through our software. However you can use other merchant services or payment terminals. We can track the payments for you in your sales history, and report these through to Xero for you automatically.

Athol Hobbs
29 September 2010 #

I have looked at your web site and cannot see how I stop the cash drawer from opening when doing a sale for say a credit card, as the printer is controlling the drawer kick. How should I resolve this security issue?

29 September 2010 #

The Vend website prominently features Apple iPads, but I’m not sure how printing from them is done as the OS doesn’t support it?

Vaughan Rowsell
29 September 2010 #

Hi Athol,
Yes at this stage the cash drawer is fired when you print a receipt regardless of the payment type. You can of course disable the auto-trigger but then you would need to manually open the drawer. Some retailers like to have it open on each sale as they keep a copy of the credit card receipt in the drawer also.

29 September 2010 #

Also, when will the VendBlog get the ability to comment to posts? Would be better than cluttering up the Xero website :)

Vaughan Rowsell
29 September 2010 #

Hi Will,

Ha, no worries about the clutter. I am sure the Xero guys dont mind. You can print from and iPad with the iOS 4.2 release in November. You can then print to any e-print enabled printer, or via Bonjour. Here is some info about it from Apple.

8 March 2012 #

Are there any successful Bars/Pub/Restaurants that use Vend in Melbourne? Auckland?

Paul whitfeld
25 July 2013 #

Be warned:
Reorder point and inventory is broken in vend…
You cannot set a minimum and maximum for your outlet.
If I set actual stock on shelf to 12 (maximum I want in my shop), reorder point 6, reorder amount 3…. As soon as stock falls to 6, an order is generated, not for the difference in my inventory but for 3! My stock then is 9 and won’t order until it falls again to 6 and an order is again for 3. So i never ever reach my optimum quantity of 12! If I have a massive weekend and sell out…. guess what? An order is generated for 3 (reorder amount that I set)
I cannot believe vend has not fixed this broken feature, I have been sending them requests for months, aa have many other users…I am a growing business with multiple outlets, and inventory with vend is a REAL nightmare… At the moment I have to pay a staff member to stay behind and MANUALLY write an order for each outlet….!!!
The more people talk about this the sooner something will be done …

25 July 2013 #

Hi Paul,

Sorry Vend isn’t working quite like you thought it would. It isn’t broken, though. Our reorder points are designed to restock purchase orders according to reorder amount you save with the product. So when your stock drops below a certain point, the reorder amount for the item will be automatically added to your purchase order.

This tool works best when your reorder amount brings your stock-on-hand back to the desired capacity.

For instance, if you want 12 items on the shelf at all times, and you have set your reorder point to 6, you should also set your reorder amount to 6. That way you always end up restocking to the right amount, and you won’t see a runaway negative trend.

Also, you can view your most popular products from the dashboard. If items are selling faster than you can restock them, we recommend increasing your stock-on-hand amount and your reorder point and amount as well.

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can email me directly at


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