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Xero and GeoOp

It’s been exciting to work with the team behind innovative mobile workforce management system GeoOp. These guys are really pushing the boundaries with the mobile version of their software.

GeoOp (Geographic Operations) is our latest Network Partner and works as a job dispatch system for small to medium sized businesses that have mobile workforces. If you are a  tradesperson, vehicle driver, in the IT services industry or have people on the road then GeoOp is perfect for you.

GeoOp brings the same instant clarity to your operations that Xero does for your business performance and profitability. It allows you to instantly get a broad overview of all your jobs and mobile staff, or with a few clicks of the mouse you can drill down and see in real time exact details – something that normally takes days to filter back to the office.

GeoOp’s integration with Xero allows you to send job information, either for individual jobs or as batch invoices, so you can easily invoice your customers in Xero. The entire process takes less than a minute, saving you time and the hassle of re-entering your data from one system into another. Your administration team can send out an invoice to your client as soon as the job has been completed.

For more about Xero and GeoOp and how to get started have a look here, or watch the video below for an overview of GeoOp.


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Ben Goudie-Park
17 August 2010 #

Hi all, it’s been great working with the friendly and professional team. We are very excited by the possibilities!

Will Roffé
17 August 2010 #

Hi guys,

Congrats on the Xero + GeoOp integration! Nice one :).



Gillian Rossouw
17 August 2010 #

I could not image leaving the office now without my iPhone and scheduled job using GeoOp. Pretty much full to the brim with excitment with ease of finalising completed job to Xero for instant invoicing. Xero sure has given us plenty of treats in August.

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